Order in, stay safe: The delivery kitchens to order from in New Delhi based on your zodiac sign

Looking to upgrade your meal in New Delhi? Let your zodiac sign decide your next delivery order.

Order in, stay safe: The delivery kitchens to order from in New Delhi based on your zodiac sign

Keeping the current situation in mind, dining out in Delhi is increasingly looking like a distant dream, with more people choosing to order-in (and we suggest to always do that directly from the restaurant, rather than through the app). So, if you're having trouble figuring out what your next meal should be, let your zodiac sign be the deciding factor. We've got the right recommendations for you right here.

Aries: Butter Delivery

Aries, the inner adventurer in you refuses to be denied. And you're not afraid of the occasional drama when it comes to your food. Butter Delivery by Zorawar Kalra in the capital is the answer to your cravings. It's the perfect blend of comfort and spark. Focusing on Indian cuisine, it offers traditional and hearty Indian meals. In addition, the packaging is biodegradable and made of cornstarch and paper.

Order online on Butterdelivery.com or via Swiggy

Taurus: AKU'S - The Brrgrr Co.

Taurians, your zodiac loves soothing aromas and succulent flavours. If you're in Delhi, we suggest you go for Aku's Burgers. A favourite among Delhiites, it won't disappoint with an interesting menu offering burgers with freshly minced lamb patties, chicken breasts, or a prawn patty. Try now, thank us later.

Order online on Akus.in or via Zomato

Gemini: Madam Curry

Just like you, Gemini, there are two unique sides to this delivery kitchen. Madam Curry offers experimental Indian food that draws inspiration from French physicist and chemist, Marie Curie. The kitchen is fusing flavours and textures to give you a culinary delight. Perfect meal for one? We think so.

Order online via Madamcurry.in and Zomato.

Cancer: Nizam's Kathi Kabab

As a water sign, Cancer is that friend in the group who's known for sending care packages and sentimental, emoji-peppered emails. It makes sense then, for them to turn to comfort food during difficult times. Our suggestion? Go for the cult classic, Nizam's Kathi Kabab. The family joint has been serving classic kathi rolls for generations and their galouti will become your happy place, we promise.

Order online via Zomato or Swiggy

Leo: Nibbana

Someone as open as you won't shy away from trying Indian cuisine with unusual pairings. Nibbana in New Delhi is our recommendation to you. The eatery is serving classic Indian dishes with unique twists. Try their chole meat kulcha and if you're looking for something extra spicy then, go for the butter chicken lachha paratha.

Order online on nibbanadelhi.com or via Zomato

Virgo: Pot Pot

Always seeking perfection, Pot Pot is the ideal delivery option for you, Virgo. The eatery offers regional and modern Indian fare cooked in sustainable, terracotta handmade pots, delivered to your doorstep. I mean to quote, Chandler Bing, "could it BE any better?" Go for their haleem, a 24-hour simmered mutton nihari, fish moilee, bisi bele bhaat and biryani pots, for a hearty meal at home.

Order online via Potpot.in and Swiggy, Zomato.

Libra: The Dinner Box

Balance is a very important aspect in a Libran's life. So, we suggest you go for the Dinner Box. A new pop-up kitchen, The Dinner Box, is a gourmet home delivery service that offers meals curated by some of the most celebrated chefs in India and is really your best bet this lockdown season.

Order online via thedinnerbox.in.

Scorpio: Emma

A Scorpio's incredible passion and power is quite unmatched. Keeping that in mind, we think you may want something unique, but with a touch of glam, of course. Emma, the new delivery kitchen in Gurgaon, started by duo, Alexandre Barre and Gurmehar Grewal is serving classic Italian pizzas, pastas and salads. Definitely try all their pizzas, but we also highly recommend the tiramisu and sugar-dusted bombolinis, which come filled with pastry cream or Nutella.

Order via Zomato and Swiggy or Call: 09910908136

Sagittarius: Tiella

Always ready for a backpacking trip across the world, Sagittarius, you need a meal that will calm the wanderer in you. Tiella, a new delivery kitchen is serving European food at your doorstep. Try their healthy salads, aside from several other European-inspired plates, like the chilean sea bass, eggplant and zucchini rollatini and lamb goulash.

To order online DM @tiellaeuropeankitchen on Instagram or via Zomato.

Capricorn: The Big Chill Cafe

Pragmatic and old-school, Capricorns will always tilt towards the classics when it comes to food. It makes sense then, for you to order your meal from The Big Chill Cafe, which has been an institution in the city and is equipped to tick all the boxes. Pick from a range of options that span pizzas to salads, and have yourself a perfectly indulgent weekend.

Order online via thebigchillcafe.in

Aquarius - SuRaBo By Radhika

Since you're one of the smart ones and love trying new things that are in trend,we think it's time you order from SuRaBo By Radhika. Helmed by Radhika Singhal, this is a patisserie whipping up gorgeous, savoury cakes, bunless burgers and bubble tea. Plus, they can all be made in vegetarian and vegan options, too!

To order DM @surabobyradhika on Instagram.

Pisces: Kampai

Pisces, you're the wise, artistic sign and we suggest you tuck in this weekend with some Japanese fare. Kampai offers everything from sushi rolls and gyoza, to curries and bento boxes. It also has a curated DIY Menu, if you're looking for a fun activity to do at home: take your pick from the ramen and katsudon kits or try your hand recreating a tipple from one of theirDIY cocktail kits.

Order online via kampai.in

Disclaimer: These recommendations have been made by the writer and not an expert. Don't hold us to it, if you don't agree with the food.

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