Review: At our office party we binged on Boss Burgers, but is it finger-licking good?

With dine-in ruled out in Mumbai, Boss Burgers might be a place to try out when you're craving a juicy bite

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As someone who is part of an editorial team that's all about creating content around food, I can vouch for one thing–neither my colleagues, nor I, ever go hungry on the few occasions that we meet to work together instead of our regular WFH routine. It's one of the cherished perks that our jobs allow for and so, you can imagine our excitement each time we convene, especially given the new Covid-19 restrictions in Mumbai. Which when we do, we're either sampling unique cuisines or trying new food trends. Though sometimes, we find ourselves reaching out for the basics.

That's exactly what happened on a busy working afternoon at the office, a few weeks ago–the editorial team at IFN began craving juicy burgers. After going through multiple food delivery apps, we decided to give Boss Burgers, a delivery kitchen under veteran restaurateur Riyaaz Amlani's Impresario banner, a go, with an order for six burgers, including a mix of vegetarian, meaty and vegan flavours.

Seated in the lunchroom, we began unpacking our delivery packages, which ranged from a peri peri burger to a tandoori-chicken flavoured variant, two fish fillet, chicken tikka, chicken cheese and a black bean version to boot.

Food at Boss Burgers

The food at Boss Burgers is (no prizes for guessing) centred around the big sandwich. With a menu that offers a mix of individual burgers, in meat, vegetarian and vegan options along with combos and sides like chicken strips, fish n chips, nachos and fries, this delivery joint has a lot to choose from. There are also options in drinks and shakes, along with desserts like tiramisu, brownies and mousse cake.

What worked:

First up, we tried the peri peri burger, which comes with a chunky double patty and sauces that complement the burger well. Then, we sampled the tandoori chicken, chicken cheese and fish fillet burgers, all of which came with generous portions and soft, sesame-laden buns. The fish burger, too, was fresh and came with a crispy, toothsome patty. And while most meat-eaters vouched for the chicken and cheese burger, as a combination that you can never go wrong with, for our editors, it was the black bean vegan burger that really hit the spot. With fresh guac lathered in abundance over the crispy bean patty, this variant came a close second to its more popular chicken and cheese counterpart.

The black bean vegan burger

What didn't work

The peri-peri edition, while filling, lacked the juiciness of a really good burger. The tandoori chicken one, on the other hand, was flavourful on the whole, but a little too Indianised for our liking. As for the fish burger, it could have done with more tartare sauce, as our social media strategist rightly pointed out. Or, some sour pickles, at the very least.

The peri peri burger


Boss Burgers has its own share of hits and misses. So, keeping in mind their hearty portions, fresh ingredients and fair price points, we're leaning towards giving it a thumbs up, even if we may not swear by it every living day.

Tarini Sood

Tarini Sood

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