Review: Smoke House Deli has a new address in Colaba and we dropped by for the housewarming

Think sunlit rooms, quirky decor, delicious gourmet ice cream, charcuterie boards and more

Review: Smoke House Deli has a new address in Colaba and we dropped by for the housewarming

If you're looking for a cosy space to grab a bite at or work out of, we have just the recommendation for you. Smokehouse Deli has a new outlet in the heart of Colaba's heritage district. The brightly lit, two-storeyed cafe merges spacious floor space and quaint-artsy decor with tasty new menu additions. And if you're just looking to grab a quick snack, there is their Goodness To Go' menu, which is like a mini deli propped right at the entrance, stocked with goodies like fresh croissants, salads, coffee and bakes. Walk further into the restaurant and the first thing you notice is their desserts and ice-cream corner, which is a clever way to entice those with a sweet tooth. From the high ceilings on the ground floor and the winding staircase that connects to the mezzanine seating area to the quirky hand-drawn graffiti and illustrations on the walls, developed by illustrator Priya Dali, the outlet exudes an easy-going and warm vibe.

What we tried

''It's funny if you think about it. The name of the restaurant has always had smoke in it but there haven't been any smoked dishes on the menu until now,'' chef and business head, Jaydeep Mukherjee confides. What can you expect from the new outlet in Colaba? Dressed up charcuterie boards, house-cured meats and sausages, whiskey-infused butter, pork chops, apple martinis and fizzy bellinis. Our meal began with starters like the cooked-to-perfection grilled chilli prawns in garlic butter, coriander chilli sauce, garnished with pesto and served with sourdough bread; a plate of the 21-day-cured coriander pepper-crusted tenderloin pastrami, a sausage platter with housemade sauces, dips and the roasted mushroom and burrata flatbread. For mains, we ordered the mushroom pasta, the house-spiced, smoked chicken with beans and mash, and a plate of the tender pork chops with cornbread and a hollandaise sauce. To wrap up our meal we were brought a scoop of each of their brand new flavours of ice cream and the vegan chocolate mousse.

What worked

To put it simply, it was hard to decide what we liked best. The menu explores a vast profile of flavours and textures. Each dish seemed to top the other with regard to presentation, taste and quality. We really enjoyed the smoked East Indian masala sausages and the butter garlic prawns. Each of the dishes we sampled were well cooked and had a great balance of flavours. It's also worth mentioning that this was our first time trying cooked burrata with mushrooms on multigrain bread; we were not disappointed. Don't forget to try the pork chops if you drop in. The tender meat practically slides off the bone and it came with a side of pillowy cornbread too. Saving the best for last, the ice creams, where the butter pecan and coffee versions particularly blew our minds. Not to discredit the rest of the meal but it would be a crime to miss out on these flavours.

What didn't work

If we were absolutely forced to say, the tomato risotto and the vegan chocolate mousse with the fig cracker base were two things we did not completely fall in love with.


The menu offers the best of European flavours and comfort food made with the freshest of ingredients and an imaginative bent of mind. They have a variety of vegan, gluten-free, and keto-friendly options as well for all you weight watchers. So, of course, we'll be back for our shares of sausages and ice cream. Who knows, maybe we'll see you there too?

Tarini Sood

Tarini Sood

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