Spread the Christmas cheer with these 30 party recipes

We did the hard work so that you don't have to

Spread the Christmas cheer with these 30 party recipes

'Tis the season for cute ornament shopping, tree decorating and bottomless glasses of mulled wine. And if you're entertaining and wondering what to whip up that is festive but still easy enough to cook in a home kitchen, we have got you covered. From roast chicken and sticky toffee pudding to pineapple salsa and Christmas fruit cake, we've got something for every type of diner.

Roast Chicken

Wouldn't any Christmas party be incomplete without a well-seasoned roast chicken sitting in the middle of the table? Juicy and meaty, it'll be the star of the night.

Christmas rose cookies

Not only are these cookies beautiful to look at but they're also a traditional South Indian delicacy. Make these with your kids for a fun Christmas weekend activity.

Carrot soup

December means soup season and this one will incorporate all the juicy, sweet winter carrots making it a steaming bowl of creamy goodness that everyone will love.


Ah, this sweet treat is a nostalgic favourite for a lot of us. And for all you vegetarians out there who still want a taste, check out our eggless marzipan recipe.

Spiced caramel and chocolate tart

It's winter time which means we are all for warming spices in everything. Even in this delectable caramel chocolate tart which is an ideal party dessert.

Pineapple salsa

For a delicious snack for your guests to graze on, serve our easy-to-make tangy pineapple salsa alongside some crunchy crackers.

Chicken stew

This stew incorporates protein, veggies and gravy making it a great choice for a dinner party main. Not to mention, it's also delicious.

Date and toffee pudding

A personal favourite, this rich dessert is festive and complex. The toffee caramel notes make it the kind of treat that you just can't get enough of.

Sun-dried tomato pesto pinwheels

Now this appetiser is bursting with all sorts of savoury flavours. Tangy sun-dried tomatoes marry creamy pesto to create this party favourite.

Lamb roast

If you want a richer red meat main at your table, prepare these garlic lamb chops that will have your guests coming back for seconds.

Gingerbread cake

Nothing screams Christmas more than gingerbread and we've taken the same flavours and given it a twist by making a cake out of it. Trust us, one slice won't be enough.

Lemon pepper chicken

Want to give your guests a dose of citrusy flavours? Our juicy lemon pepper chicken will never disappoint and the best part? It tastes great served alongside simple steamed rice which means less work for you.

Christmas fruit cake

A childhood favourite, we can never forget the time spent picking out the tiny jujubes from the fruit cake. Make this to spread some nostalgic joy at your party.

Chicken pot pie

A slice of pie is filling enough for you to make a couple of sides and call it a Christmas dinner. And this wholesome chicken pot pie is the nourishing festive main to bake.

Plum cake

A plum cake for those who want an alcohol-free option, kids included. Ours comes out moist and the crumb is tender. Best served with a side of creamy vanilla ice cream.

Shahi paneer

Indian food on Christmas is something we can get behind. Keep it classy with a vegetarian favourite that will wow your guests.

Mutton dum biryani

Another dish that is celebratory enough to earn a place at your table. Our mutton biryani is well spiced, wholesome and perfect for a winter dinner.

Mushroom canapes

A starter that checks all the boxes. It's suitable for vegetarians, creamy, bite-sized and most importantly, delicious. What's not to love?

Cheese potato rosti

You would never believe how quick and easy it is to whip up this vegetarian main that's equal parts filling and tasty.

Prawn cocktail

This starter is well-loved in your local restaurant, but try making it at home for a colourful and fun bite before the meal.

Veg sizzler

Veggies, noodles, paneer and a delicious sauce come together to create a full meal. And for this one, you don't even need a sizzler plate.

Barbecue chicken

Another dish that needs no introduction. Tender chicken is marinated and dunked in a zesty sauce that is so flavourful. It's truly a dish that screams party time.

Warm chocolate pudding

Chocolate cake meets the chocolate bomb to create this decadent pudding that is surprisingly easy to put together and is made with pantry staples.

Veg quesadilla

Veggie forward and cheesy, there are so many reasons to make our quesadilla recipe. Your vegetarian friends will go gaga over this one.

Portuguese pan-fried fish

Make the dinner spread fancy by including a pan-fried fish in it. Our recipe will guarantee that this melt-in-your-mouth main impresses all your guests.

Vegetable aloo tikki

An easy starter and a favourite among all, you can never go wrong with a vegetable aloo tikki on the menu.

Prawns in garlic sauce

Our restaurant-style prawns in a garlicky, spiced sauce is sure to make your guests ask you where you catered the dinner from.

Stir-fried vegetables in soy butter

The soy gives this dish an undeniably good umami punch, making veggies fun to eat.

Deviled eggs

For a quick, easy, affordable and yet fancy starter, make these deviled eggs. Our recipe shows you how to get them perfect every time.

Apple pie

What's better than bringing your fun party to an end with some warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Nothing. Trust us and make this!

Samika Aurora

Samika Aurora

After graduating from USC and making the most of LA's food scene, Samika is now back in India and ready to explore the food in her own country. A culinary enthusiast, she spends a lot of time brainstorming dinner ideas, looking up new restaurants, listening to podcasts and has a special knack for churning her own ice cream.

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