Eat like a Bengali at Ananya Banerjee's Howrah Mahabhoj

Eat like a Bengali at Ananya Banerjees Howrah Mahabhoj

A perfect Bengali thali

A Bengali's fascination for Kosha mangsho and fluffy white luchis is unparalleled. Team this up with some fish fry, doi mach, cholar dal and beguni, and we are one big, happy family.

Come join Ananya Banerjee as she cooks up a quintessentially Bengali lunch this weekend called 'Howrah Mahabhoj'. The menu features a mix of popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, accompaniments like chutney and papad, and Bhapa Doi for dessert.

Don't be surprised if Ananya shows you how to eat like a good Bong!

When: Sunday, June 28; 1 pm to 3 pm

Where: Sewri, Mumbai

Tickets: 9920473331;

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