Kaju Pistachio Roll By Archana

Kaju Pistachio Roll By Archana

Method :

- To make Kaju Dough, grind the kaju in a mixer and then sieve the kaju powder.

- For stuffing, take a bowl add the pistachio powder to it and powdered sugar to it. Mix both of them.

- Add Water to it in short quantities to make a dough from it.

- Both the Cashewnut and Pista Dough is ready.

- Take some Plastic Sheets and Silver Foil.

- Place the Cashewnut Dough on the plastic sheet. Roll them lengthwise and take the sheet off it.

- Similarly take the Pistachio Dough and place it over the Cashew Dough and then it roll it together.

- Now decorate the roll with silver foil.

Archana Arte

Archana Arte

Archana shares simple recipes, cooking techniques and kitchen hacks to make delicious Maharashtrian food. Watch Archana prepare simple yet mouth-watering recipes on Archana�s Rasoi.

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