Recipe: Everyday Rui Macher Jhol

Recipe: Everyday Rui Macher Jhol

Ananya Banerjee shows you how to make the quintessential Bengali watery every-day rohu-fish curry. This delicious yet simple recipe is guaranteed to win hearts.


1. Apply salt and turmeric powder to the rohu fish.

2. Heat 1 tbs mustard oil. Fry the fish from both sides. Keep aside.

3. Add 1 tbs oil to the remaining oil. Add kalojire (nigella seeds).

4. Add red chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin, coriander

5. Sauté well and add plenty of water to create a watery gravy.

6. Drizzle some mustard oil on top and sprinkle coriander leaves

Cook for ½ a minute and add the potatoes.

powder, green chilies and salt to taste.

Bring the gravy to a boil. Add the fried fish and bring it to boil.

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