7 summer essentials for your kitchen to keep you thanda, thanda, cool, cool

Make sure to stock your pantry with these 7 ingredients to get through summer

Update: 2024-04-05 11:55 GMT

Summer is on its way and we wanted you to get a head start gearing up for it. While the sultry heat may make you reluctant to enter the kitchen, we think stocking up on the right ingredients can make all the difference. And that’s why we’ve got a list of seven ingredients that you must have that will help you stay cool and calm in the heated months. From the cooling properties of cucumber to the probiotic goodness of curd, take a look at what is necessary to not get caught up in the heat!

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Cool as a cucumber – quite literally! Packing a considerable amount of water, this crunchy vegetable is a summer staple that's as versatile as it is refreshing, ensuring you stay hydrated even during the hottest hours. Slice it up for a light snack, or infuse water with cucumber slices for a spa-like hydration boost that'll keep you cool and hydrated all day long.

For a quick breakfast on a lazy summer day, try out these Keto Cucumber Pancakes.

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Native to the coastal regions of India, kokum is a tangy fruit known for its cooling properties. Use it to flavour refreshing sherbets, and coolers, or try making a traditional kokum curry, a tangy and spicy dish that can work wonders to help you beat the heat, with a side of flavour. With its unique taste profile, kokum can add a refreshing twist to your summer recipes.

Our recommendation is to try this Goan Kokum Curry to refresh your day.

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Mint has been an old-age remedy when it comes to tackling the summers and I am pretty sure you aren't a stranger to its benefits. Whether muddled into cool beverages like mojitos and lemonades or finely chopped into salads and chutneys, mint adds a burst of flavour while simultaneously offering a cooling sensation, bringing you much respite from the hot weather.

Try this south Indian mint chutney called Mint Thogayal, pair it with anything, it works perfectly!

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Curd (Yogurt)
Already a staple in our households, curd or yogurt is not only delicious but also incredibly cooling. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing bowl of homemade dahi or whipped into lassi, chaas, or raita, curd is a versatile ingredient that adds a creamy touch to any summer meal while soothing you and your palate. Want to try something different?

Add this Dahi Bhindi to your lunch menu and see how everyone loves it!

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Coconut Water
Nature's electrolyte-rich beverage, coconut water is a refreshing way to stay hydrated during the summer months. Enjoy it on its own, blend it into smoothies, or use it as a base for tropical-inspired beverages that transport you to paradise with every sip.

Serve a chilling glass of Litchi And Coconut Smoothie as a evening snack and get the enjoy!

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Known for its tangy flavour and cooling effect on the body, tamarind is a popular ingredient in Indian cooking, especially when it comes to marinades, curries or even dals. Use it to make tangy chutneys, add it to refreshing drinks like jaljeera, or incorporate it into savoury dishes like sambar and rasam for a burst of flavour that's perfect for summer.

On a hot afternoon, make some Coke With Tamarind and see the heat wave going away from you!

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Nimbu pani on a hot summer afternoon was an experience all of us have lived through, be it a glass you mom made for you or one you purchased at the railway station to quench your thirst, waiting for the next train. Lemons are a summer staple, adding zest and tang to a variety of dishes and drinks. Add it to your summer diet by using it in your meats or seafood for a refreshing kick; in your pickles; or guzzle down a tall glass of chilled lemonade to stay fresh all day long.

How about tring a keto whipped lemonade? Sounds interesting right? Check it out for yourself!

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With these seven essential ingredients in your kitchen, you'll be well-equipped to beat the summer heat and enjoy delicious, cooling meals throughout the season.


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