10 condiments to up your cooking game at home

With the rising popularity and demand for condiments, here are 10 must-have recipes

Update: 2022-06-29 04:30 GMT

It's no surprise that condiments have become popular in the wake of the pandemic since all of us were scrambling for easy ways to prepare a meal. After getting tired of spending extra hours on work (no thanks to WFH) it was only natural for us to resort to quick-fixes. And that's where condiments come on. Right from authentic Korean condiments and pastes like gochujang (hot chilli pepper) and doenjang (soybean paste) to our OG BBQ sauce and hummus, they made their presence felt everywhere, from small general stores to online grocery shops.

For those of you who are willing to put in the effort, making these condiments at home and from scratch can be rewarding, Here are 10 super-easy and delicious recipes to begin with.

Pesto dip

Try out this simple pesto dip at home that will go well when paired with crackers and chips, and can be used in pasta, noodles, sandwiches and salads too. Made with basil, walnuts and paprika, it's just one of those things that we see you making on repeat.

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Coconut sauce

A core ingredient in many dishes that fall under Konkan cuisine, this coconut sauce is a pantry star. While it's not a savoury condiment, it can pair well with breakfast staples like pancakes as well

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Barbecue sauce

Barbecue sauce is a necessity. It goes well with everything, right from your tater tots to a subway sandwich. And now you can learn to easily make it at home.

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Chilli garlic sauce

Give all your Oriental dishes a hot and spicy boost by learning to make this chilli-garlic sauce at home. It's super easy to make and will give your homemade Chinese dishes a restaurant-like taste.

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Basil Tzatziki sauce

As difficult as it is to pronounce (the 'T' is silent by the way), making it is inversely as easy. Popularly used in Southeastern-European and Middle-Eastern dishes, this tzatziki dip will go very well with flatbreads and nachos.

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Roasted tomato salsa

When has salsa ever let you down? Learn to make this simple roasted tomato salsa and mop it up with meat delicacies, nachos, chips and more.

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Vegan mint mayo

Try out this super-tasty, healthy and simple recipe for vegan mint mayonnaise. You can add it to your home-made sub, or enjoy it as a dip—that's a choice we will leave up to you.

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Mediterranean dip

For nights when you decide to whip up Mediterranean fare this dip is going to come in handy. Try our hand at recreating this garlicky condiment at home by following our recipe and putting it to multiple uses, for it is truly versatile!

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Hummus, according to us, is like what ketchup couldn't be. A simple, albeit process-heavy condiment, this Mediterranean staple is an all-rounder and will pair well with kebabs, mezze platters (of course), and can also be snuck into salads and sandwiches

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Teriyaki sauce

Sizzle your burger patty with this awesome and healthy teriyaki sauce. Or simply mix and match for a change and try it with momos. Our special veg momos recipe is the best option to go with if you want the whole thing to be healthy.

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Add one or all of these condiments to your pantry and see how it turns your meals around!


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