Discover a world of gut-friendly beverages with our top 10 kombucha and kefir brands

From the classics to exotic fruity flavours, here’s a roundup of our favourite fermented beverages

Update: 2023-09-29 09:52 GMT

As the world embraces a shift towards healthier choices, fermented beverages have taken centre stage in the realm of gut-friendly drinks. From the effervescent fizz of kombucha to the creamy tang of kefir, these Indian brands have harnessed age-old traditions and infused them with modern flair. Leveraging the latest innovations, Here we have 10 homegrown brands redefining the beverage landscape in India. Join us as we explore the diverse and delightful universe of these indigenous fermented beverages, shedding light on their health benefits as they elevate the art of fermentation right here in India.

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Mountain Bee Kombucha
Started in 2018, the first batch of Mountain Bee Kombuchas was a hit at a local farmer's market and since then the brand has been riding an upward wave. Manufacturing sustainable, gut-friendly foods and beverages through the power of fermentation, If you seem to be interested in exploring this territory, Mountain Bee is a noteworthy option to look at. Just trust your gut.

HappyBooch offers raw premium kombucha crafted with local organic loose-leaf teas, herbs, flowers, barks, and botanicals, providing a healing and delightful gut experience. Sustainably made in small batches, what once started as a small homebusiness is rapidly flourishing now, become the choices of hundreds who seem to slowly embrace kombuchas.

MO’s Superfoods
Moina Oberoi, owing to a chronic illness began the consumption of fermented foods. Noting the remarkable difference she felt after indulging in the practice and the abundance of culture, MO’s Superefoods came into existence. Bringing you kefir and kombuchas in various flavours along with other fermented products they aim to provide health-supportive and sustainable food products within the fermented food space.

The Kombucha Co.
Born out of the passion for tea and brewing, The Kombucha Co., based in Kolkata creates this fizzy gut-friendly beverage using high-quality, fresh, and organic teas. With a rich heritage in tea production, they now offer the robust and fizzy health beverage that can be a much needed and healthier alternative to soda.

Raw Kombucha
Raw Kombucha Is a well known brand available at most cafes and stores. Attempting to revive a 2000-year-old Kombucha tea tradition to benefit everyone's health, their mission is to make the beverage affordable and accessible to everyone to promote healthy lifestyles.

Kefir Culture
Kefir Culture offers probiotic beverages that are not only delicious but also rich in health benefits. Their handcrafted drinks are refreshing and salubrious, available in various combos, making them a perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle. While kefir by definition contains milk, the products sold by Kefir’s culture are 99% lactose free, making it an enjoyable drink even for those who are lactose intolerant

Introducing Borécha - Goa's take on the fizzy beverage. It's completely non-alcoholic, making it suitable for everyone. Borécha offers various flavors, including Mango, Roasted Coconut, Jasmine, Orange, Cola, and more. Maybe someday, when you don’t feel like drowning in the guilt of gulping a can of soda, try it as a refreshing standalone drink or to create exciting cocktails.

Courtyard Farms
Courtyard Farms is dedicated to promoting the natural treasures of rural lifestyle and food habits. They provide farm-fresh goat milk and cheese, an excellent substitute for cow milk, directly to your table. Under the subsidiary Whitality, they offer kefirs made specifically from goat milk. Available in flavours like strawberry and blueberry, we suggest your curious and explorative mind indulge in their kefirs sometime.

Zen Tiger
Zen Tiger is owned and brewed by a certified clinical and sports nutrition coach, Rakhi Jain Arora. Given this fact, you now know that picking a bottle of Zen Tiger will only promise you the goodness of essential vitamins, minerals and a load of antioxidants. They offer the drink in four classic flavours, promising a day's worth of antioxidants in just one bottle!

Started by a group of four women, Calbrew was born out of a group of friends' passion for brewing, and healthy living choices. Inspired by their love for kombucha and the clear shift in lifestyle choices made by the population during the pandemic their creation, Calbrew’s kombuchas and kefirs are a testament to the brand’s commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

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