TAKUMI introduces a wholesome Southeast Asian Influence to Mumbai's innovative dining experience

The culinary landscape of Mumbai undergoes a revolutionary transformation with the launch of TAKUMI, the city's newly opened progressive dining experience.

Update: 2024-04-10 12:08 GMT

Takumi, a Japanese term that translates to ’artisan’, offers a culinary journey fusing diverse, authentic flavours with a modern touch. Crafted by Head Chef Passang Dorje Lama, the menu features a meticulously curated array highlighting the symphony of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Inspired by Japanese culture and envisioned by Sumessh Menon, TAKUMI's architectural design embodies a serene, harmonious aesthetic, adorned with bamboo trees and minimalist light fixtures, enhancing the ambiance for a memorable dining affair.
Takumi presents unique performances that will elevate your dining experience. Delve into the experience of the cultural resonance of Japan with Nihon Buyo, a dance form blending elegance and tradition, narrating captivating stories through enchanting movements. These acts conclude with the Shibu Act, which is an unforgettable fusion of martial arts and traditional dance forms.

What we tried
Revolutionizing classic cocktails, Takumi's bar program reinvents nostalgic flavours with a contemporary flair. Curated by their talented Head Mixologist Pranav Mithbavkar, the bar boasts an exclusive array of cocktails, ranging from matcha-infused creations to ones with a smoky infusion. Sample the Madam Butterfly, a tequila-based beverage infused with butterfly pea flowers; or the Takumi Sour, showcasing Junmai sake with in-house whiskey foam for a real kick that will heighten your dining experience.

We started with Coconut Raw Mango Salad, which gives a refreshing kickstart to your meal, moving to Siracha Chicken Dim Sums that add the extra spice we are all here for. For entrees, we tried Asparagus and Steamed Tofu Tossed in Oyster and Rice Wine, which was another testament to the culinary experience.

What worked for us
If you were to ask me for my favorite, it would have to be the Jalisco Sour, Blanco tequila with jalapeno brine. Hands down! If you’re a sushi person like me, Takumi Special Crispy Avocado Roll Sushi is a must-try! Our main course had Edamame rice with Lotus Roots, Baby Bok Choy, Water Chestnut, and Mapo Tofu with turnip Cake and we ended our lavishing meal with Takumi Signature Flambe Lotus Biscoff because I believe there is nothing better than a light spongy cake with ice cream to finish off such an assorted meal.

Final Verdict
Takumi is a fantastic place to eat. From live performances inspired by Japanese artistic heritage to meticulously crafted culinary presentations, every facet of Takumi is crafted to envelop its guests in a vibrant blend of flavors and artistic expression.

Time: 12 pm onwards
Address: TAKUMI, Ground Floor, Savoy Chambers, Linking Road, Near Porsche Showroom, Hasmukh Nagar, Santacruz West, Mumbai


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