With Christmas soon approaching, here is a comprehensive list of sugar and spice, and everything nice

Update: 2022-12-16 04:30 GMT

Next week is Christmas and I can say with absolute certainty that none of us can keep calm anymore. From shopping for the festivities to preparing a whole feast for the D-day, these are just a few reasons to love Christmas and what makes it so special. To add to this list of 'Reasons why Christmas is awesome' I have some pointers (read: recipes) of my own to share. Firstly, you should definitely take a look at these cute little reindeer cheese ball appetisers, courtesy of the IFN back kitchen. It's what I call a cheese fanatic's dream come true. And if your Christmas party calls for a variety of starters, these paneer bombs wrapped in noodles will surely be a hit. For a little sweet-treat you can try these strawberry Oreo canapes. And if cooking is not your thing, we have a list of 25 spots where you'll find a grand Christmas brunch awaiting you.

As you gear up for the festive season and the year end, be sure to fuel up regularly and keep up the spirits. For instance, you can add a little Middle-Eastern touch to your desi parathas with this za'atar chilli paratha. For all those folks who love a good spicy dish once in a while, especially on those days when it's extra chilly outside, here are 10 super-spicy recipes that will definitely have you reaching out for a chilled glass of milk. Fair warning for those who cannot tolerate spice, these recipes are not for the faint hearted. And to beat the spice, be sure to have a few slices of this gajar halwa tea cake on the side. Trust me, you'll want it.

Bringing together all the chai lovers and hot chocolate addicts, here is a recipe you simply cannot pass up: a masala chai hot chocolate. Pro tip: to make the hot chocolate richer, just add all your ingredients to milk instead. And of course, this time of the year, one cannot forget the OG plum cake and marzipans. From starters to desserts, in this letter I leave you a special recipe for each course of your meal. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. As I sign off, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a festive season blessed with good food and memories that will be cherished forever.


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