If you saw me rolling mutton samosas and shami kebabs this month, it's because I believe in korma.

If you saw me rolling mutton samosas and shami kebabs this month, its because I believe in korma.

A note about me, I'm a true blue vegetarian; almost vegan if I can give up on cheese. But ask me to make a mean mutton kebab or a chicken ka salan and you will definitely have a winning dish on the table. So when I was thinking about launching a show to celebrate Ramadan, it had to be a journey where you and I learn how to make everything from scratch. From a basic nalli nihari recipe that starts with pounding the spices only to be cooked in a degh from Delhi, to learning how to layer an Awadhi-style biryani perfectly—my new show I Believe In Korma is now live on all our platforms. Needless to say, Ramadan Kareem.

While that's a big first for me, at the website there are a zillion other reasons to celebrate. Our writer Manal Doshi takes us through the multiple festivals India is celebrating this spring. From Gudi Padwa to Baisakhi, the last week was all about giving thanks to our bounty. Doshi scours our library to find you eight regional recipes that reflect the diversity of India's produce and cuisines.

There's also a list of 10 refreshing and light desserts you can dig right into this summer. My favourite is however this mango kulfi video that is as special for summer 2021, as it is for Ramadan. In fact, I'll make and eat it for Eid too. But that's far off and we will definitely have more for you by then.

Talking about kulfi, this letter will be incomplete if I don't mention the stellar girl, Pooja Bavishi, who is taking the ice cream world by storm across the USA. Food Editor Suman Quazi chats with CEO and founder of Brooklyn-based artisanal ice cream brand, Malai about how nostalgia and a yearning to retain her heritage finds reflection in the flavours of her products that are tinted with rose colours and hints of cinnamon. I love her for her sass and the enthusiasm with which she created a flavour especially for MVP Kamala Harris in January this year.

Meanwhile our digital writer Tarini Sood speaks to Sarah Todd where the Indian-Aussie celebrity chef talks about her new cookbook, My Indian Kitchen, her love affair with India and recipes like a South Indian curry and spiced lamb rack with fresh fennel seed that she loves to bits.

This month, samosas seem to be a hit between the team members of India Food Network. Firstly, there's a candid interview penned by Senior Digital Writer Devika Manghnani who chats with Munaf Kapadia on the launch of his new book, How I quit Google to sell samosas: Adventures With The Bohri Kitchen. I, on the other hand, got chef Ali Akbar Baldiwala (also a Bohri) to sing to his samosas for #IBelieveInKorma. Who knew Arijit Singh's songs were a whole food mood?

Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved


Sonal Ved is the editor at IFN. She is also an author of an award-winning cookbook called Tiffin. She travelled through the first five tastes to be able to tell between a brie and provolone dolce. She can make stellar undhiyu and a green smoothie.

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