3 Easy Almond Recipes That Can Be Made Under 10 Minutes

3 Easy Almond Recipes That Can Be Made Under 10 Minutes

The benefits of almonds are not unknown but with these 3 easy almond recipes, your life may just change, for the good. In India, we've grown up eating 5 soaked almonds in the morning to a few more in the evening, if we're hungry. Healthy snacking would definitely mean munching on the roasted & salted version, but always in moderation. But we're bored with the same old almond. So, how about trying something new? These recipes guarantee the inclusion of this nutritious nut for a wholesome lifestyle. Hamilton Beach India made it possible for us to make lip-smacking recipes in just under 10 minutes! #NationalAlmondDay

The three easy almond recipes that can be made under 10 minutes are Almond Milk, Almond Meal/Flour, Almond Butter.

1. Almond Milk

This 2-ingredient recipe tastes better than the packaged versions you get out there. It doesn't have added preservatives & sweeteners (but of course, you can add honey, vanilla essence or stevia for added flavour). The ratio for this recipe is 1 cup of almonds to 3 cups of water. The advantage of making homemade almond milk is that the result will be nutty, full of nutrients & creamy too. And, for all those looking for vegan & lactose-free options, almond milk comes as a gift in disguise. And, guess what 1 cup of almond milk has only 30 calories (weight-watchers, are you reading this?)

Why is Almond Milk good for you? Because it has:


High in Vitamin E



1 cup good quality almonds

3 cups of water

What To Make With Almond Milk: Almond Milk Coffee, Almond Milk Smoothie, Rose Almond Milk Shake

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2. Almond Meal/Flour

What's the difference between almond meal & almond flour? 1 major and only difference is that almond meal uses raw almonds whereas almond flour uses deskinned almonds. This is literally a 1-minute recipe where (we used Hamilton Beach mixer's mid-sized container for this recipe), blitzing the almond until it forms a powder is the only task at hand.

Why is Almond meal good for you? Because it is:


High in fibre



2 cups of almonds (for almond meal)

2 cups of deskinned almonds (for almond flour)

What to make with almond meal: Almond meal crackers, almond meal cookies, almond meal cake

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3. Almond Butter

Love butter but don't want to eat it because you're conscious about your weight, are lactose-intolerant or are adopting a vegan lifestyle? Almond butter is a substitute you won't be able to say no to. It's so delicious & healthy that spreading it on bread or adding a spoonful to a salad or a smoothie bowl helps elevates the meal completely.

Why is almond butter good for you? Because it is:

Rich in healthy fats


High in protein


1 cup Toasted Almonds

1 tsp Olive Oil (optional)

What to make with almond butter: Almond butter Sandwich, Almond Butter Smoothie, Almond Butter Cookies

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