3 Types Of Pancakes That Are Absolute Breakfast Goals

3 Types Of Pancakes That Are Absolute Breakfast Goals

Pancakes! These fluffy goodnesses immediately take me back to those lovely warm, buttery, toasty smells that fill up my kitchen in matter of just a few seconds. From as little as 3 ingredients to as many as you fancy, this dish is quite accommodating. There are no hard & fast rules to make a pancake and that's what I love about this oh-so-easy breakfast recipe! For me these round golden coins are a great way to start my mornings. Although, a pancake lover would argue otherwise; for them it's all-day pancakes!

Oh, and that flip! If you're someone who loves making pancakes, getting that flip right is one of the most satisfying thrill ever. We've all failed at it one time or the other but now you've mastered it like you were born to do it!

All you need to make these 3 variants of pancakes that are absolute breakfast goals:



1. All-purpose flour or Maida

2. Sugar (Optional)

3. Butter

4. Milk

5. Baking Soda

6. Eggs

7. Vanilla Essence

8. Honey

9. Strawberries

10. Chocolate Syrup

11. Icing Sugar

1. Strawberry & Icing Sugar Pancakes

My first & favourite pancake is the seasonal pancake which is topped with strawberries, (during the mango/ pineapple season you could top it up with these fruits for a fresh take on your breakfast plate). Make the pancake by mixing the above ingredients (apart from the last three) in a food processor. Yes, it's a one-pot mixing recipe that makes a perfect lump-free batter in one go! Thanks to Hamilton Beach India!


2. Chocolate Pancakes

Who doesn't love chocolate pancakes? Everyone! It is such a versatile ingredient that no matter where you put it, it always shines! I've just drizzled my pancakes with chocolate syrup but you could top it with chocolate chips, shaved chocolate, chocolate sprinkles (add that in the batter too) for a chocolate overload experience!


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3. Banana & Honey Pancakes

The classic pancake topping would be maple syrup but I like to stick to our desi liquid gold, honey! It goes perfectly with the locally grown bananas & makes for a happy & fulfilling breakfast option or even a date. Indeed, pancakes are always a good idea for any time of day!


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Have an amazing Pancake Tuesday.

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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