5 Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left us no choice and all of us would like to take the necessary precautions. It has led to the (in)famous term, "social distancing" to take precedence. Staying indoors is highly recommended, leading to most of us being homebound. Having said that, grocery shopping can't be avoided even while we're going through a pandemic like coronavirus! However, our daily routines & trips to our nearby grocery store or supermarket needs to drastically reduce. We need to change the way we eat, how we eat & what we eat for the next couple of weeks. You'll feel the need to stock up, will buy under duress, reduce contact with the outside world etc, but here are some things to keep in mind while shopping during Coronavirus.

1. Shop during odd hours.

Although, it might be a little difficult under these circumstances, choose afternoons or late nights to shop; basically when it's not crowded. This is when you'll actually realise that stepping out during nap-time is great as you'll find less people in grocery stores. On the bright side, it'll prove to become a less-hassle and less-contact trip, which is highly recommended during the coronavirus pandemic.

2. Don't hoard.

However much you feel the desire to buy 10 packets of soap, instead of the 3 you'd buy on any given day, please refrain! Same goes with food items like milk, sugar, rice, wheat etc. Stocking up for the next 3 weeks sounds like a safe bet but for 3 months would indeed be too much. Initially, when the news of coronavirus pandemic circled, pharmacies ran out of hand sanitisers and masks within a few hours. Such was the panic that it simply resulted to not having enough for others while some were busy stocking up.

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3. Buy long-lasting food items.

Of course you do need the basic necessities like milk, bread etc, but you have to understand that these ingredients have a low shelf-life. These are times when beans & legumes, rice & cereals & packaged goods come handy and become a great way to experiment with quarantine cooking. These food items are a good source of nutrients, vitamins & fibres too!

4. Don't touch what you DON'T NEED.

Going to the grocery market has not remained the same anymore. Most of us unconsciously reach out for things we don't need -just to check its price or have a peek at the expiry date & contents. But no more! The lesser you touch things on the aisle, the better. Gone are the days when you could take your time while shopping or window shop at the grocery store. It's wise to pick only what you need without spending too much time at supermarket during this coronavirus pandemic and head back home safely.

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5. Keep safe-distance & use a sanitiser.

Social distancing means maintaining a safe distance from other people. It's a good time to respect other people's space & greet them the traditional way. Namaste. Also, keep a sanitiser handy to have clean hands & palms as unconsciously we tend to touch our faces more often than we'd like to think.

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