5 Things You Need To Stock Up On During Coronavirus

5 Things You Need To Stock Up On During Coronavirus

It's a PANDEMIC!!! And, it's not just us who are saying it but also WHO is saying it! I know it sounds like a tongue-twister, but we have bigger problems to deal with right now! While the West is really stocking up on toilet paper right now, we Indians have emptied the grocery aisles! But, do you think we need all that? I know it sounds like a safe bet to pick up even the most unnecessary thing right now, but trust me, these are the top 5 essentials you need to stock up in your homes and you'll be just fine. Because home-cooking should definitely be one of your topmost priorities during the quarantine times!

1. Salt

Yes! It's one of the most trivial things right now but most of us can't even remember our lives without it. Although all your foods contain natural salt, this is one of those basic necessities that cannot be missed out while you're grocery shopping. Just enough salt during Coronavirus can brighten up your life; it helps you keep hydrated & reduces blood pressure levels which can be caused due to panic in such situations.

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2. Sugar

Something sweet for the times when you feel like everything isn't going as per plan can be a saviour. It can be used in more ways than you think and provides an immediate burst of energy while you're stuck at home! Make some desserts or a traditional sheera at home for a wholesome feeling by the end of the day. #QuarantineCooking

3. Cereals

Be it rice or wheat, jowar or ragi, India's population thrives on cereals for their daily intake of carbohydrates, proteins & vitamins. If the grocery store next to you doesn't have a stock of your favourite cereal, this is the time for you to experiment with whatever is available in the market. All you have to do is make sure you're eating well, staying safe & building your immunity while you're homebound.

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4. Pulses

Did you know one of the most eaten categories in India is lentils & dry pulses? Especially when something as pandemic as Covid-19 struck, people didn't really know what they should eat and what to avoid? Dried pulses became one of the answers as they last longer and are full of proteins that help fight lethargy. High in vitamins, fibres & nutrients, consuming 1/2 a cup of your favourite lentil or pulse can be good for you.

5. Milk Powder, Tea & Coffee

I think the most essential tradition in India is to have a cup of tea/coffee in the evening time & I believe that no Indian can give up on that habit. So, get a hold of milk powders (as fresh milk production & distribution at this time doesn't sound safe) and a few bags of your favourite tea or coffee to keep you sustained while you're at home during Coronavirus outbreak.

Shreya Jalavadia

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