7 Cities That Have The Best Black Forest Cakes Across India

7 Cities That Have The Best Black Forest Cakes Across India

I remember eating the very first bite of a black forest pastry and my eyes made the roll of 'I found heaven'! At that time, little did I know that I was going to write about my encounter with the best black forest cake I've ever eaten. Looking back, maybe, it wasn't the best but those memories of me savouring every bite adds to today's reminiscence. This was on my return trip from boarding school in Mount Abu, in Siddhpur, that falls midway. The guy at the bakery suggested I try black forest as it was a new flavour at the time and was certain I'd love it. And, after that whenever we crossed that city, we stopped for that black forest pastry.

Here are some iconic as well as not so popular bakeries across different cities in India where Black Forest Cake flies off the shelf the moment it lands there. If you're a 90s kid and looking to revive your memories head to these places today and enjoy your special moment. #NationalBlackForestDay

1.) Mumbai

Monginis is one bakery that comes to mind when I think of a black forest cake in Mumbai! An all-time favourite and every kid's dream, this cake shop made every child's birthday memorable. Another place that does black forest proud is Oven Fresh in Dadar. Looking through that glass dessert display counter is inviting enough for anyone to want to dig in immediately. Although I might be biased, Starbucks has its own version called the cherry chocolate cake which is a spin-off of a classic black forest cake and it's to die for. This cake is so popular amongst Mumbaikars that outlets like Ribbons and Balloons, Occasions and Bakers Treat don't fail to impress.

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2.) Delhi

Bakery in Delhi means Wengers and luckily they have one of the best black forest cakes to offer in town. According to Diksha Mishra on Quora,

"Wengers is a classic bakery and my childhood favourite. I fancy their Mille Feullie, Napoleon Hill, Brownie, Black Forest Pastry, Date and walnut tart and Chocolate Eclairs. All of them are as fresh as if baked an hour ago."

The Gourmet shop sells the best black forest cake, prepared in a traditional style with 3 layers, each generously loaded with chocolate and vanilla cream. Each layer is then topped with kirsch-soaked cherries and coated with chocolate flakes making it hard to resist.

3.) Bangalore

No celebration was complete without the Black forest cake during the 90s! It was an utter delight for any kid in those days to see a snow-clad icing loaded on the cake with chocolate shavings. Thinking about the cake itself brings a whole lot of birthday memories, filling my taste buds with a mouthful of nostalgia. It's impossible for me to talk about Bangalore and not talk about the famous, iconic Bangalore Iyengar Bakery. It is one of those bakeries that make fresh cakes every day. Although they don't look the most sophisticatedly decorated cakes, they do taste pretty good. Outlets like Amma's Pastries, Glen's Bakehouse and Cakewala offer affordable yet deliciously sumptuous black forest cakes ever!

4.) Pune

Like the Black Forest, there's also a version called the White Forest which basically has the same base as the former but isn't entirely covered with chocolate shavings. The sweetened whipping cream becomes the centre of attraction and Indulgence in Koregaon Park serves it in the best possible way. If you're looking for the authentic Black Forest Cake, Marz-O-Rin on MG Road, Le Flamington in Kalyani Nagar, Royal Baking Co. in Viman Nagar are highly recommended. Le Flamington and Royal Baking Co. are taking it a step ahead by recreating this classic recipe by giving it a modern twist in flavours.

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5.) Kolkata

Flurys, Flurys and only Flurys! Kolkata means Flurys for me and I'm a die-hard fan of their black forest cake. It's so moist, so rightly done and does every bite justice as it brings back all the good memories of eating it the first time around. It's a legendary bakery which is famous for almost everything but this piece of cake makes it oh-s0-worth-it. Cakes on Loudon Street and The French Loaf are some of the other dessert bars that serve black forest cakes and they've been highly consistent with their taste.

6.) Chennai

With the diminishing trend of the black forest cake, today's millennials wonder why it exists and only a 90s kid can truly understand it. For all Chennai peeps, here are some places you can devour some of that classic black forest pastry- Winner's Bakery in Alwarpet, The Cake Studio in Purasavakkam, Cake Park in Perungudi, Tarts in Selaiyur and Bakers Point in Perambur. Sometimes, a customized version of the black forest can be appealing too that has a touch of both, modern and classic. So, order in or go to a joint you went to when you were a child and relive those fond memories of your special occasion cake.

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7.) Ahmedabad

I'd like to say, what have you eaten, if you haven't eaten a black forest cake or a pastry! Apart from the likes of Monginis and Bakers Villa in Ahmedabad, Dangee Dums, Brown & Happy and Huber & Holly are popular for different versions of this same old classic. With dessert bars trying to strike a balance between classic and modern, there is absolutely no dearth of dessert places in this city to explore. So, if I've missed out on your favourite joint, make sure you mention it in the comments below.

Black forest is a flavour in my mood dictionary that is ticked when I'm looking for a 'comfort dessert'. It somehow makes everything look and feel better. It's a game-changer and when it's done right and can definitely make my day for all the right reasons.

I'm sure you have a few places bookmarked for that one go-to dessert when you're low, do let me know you thoughts and share your insights.

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