8 Food Creators Who'll Make You Fall In Love With Regional Recipes

8 Food Creators Wholl Make You Fall In Love With Regional Recipes

Talking about food is one thing and delving into regional cuisines with interesting food references is another. For someone who loves reading about food, it was a sheer pleasure to come across these amazing women who chronicles food techniques and talk about lost recipes like never before. They instil in me the passion I have for food, only deeper, so much so that I had to share their work with people who're looking to understand our culture better through food. Here are my top 8 food creators who'll make you fall in love with regional recipes and techniques:

1. Deepa- Paticheri

If you're in awe of good photography, great stories and food references, Deepa ticks all the boxes. I'm fascinated with her imagination and the way she lures me, keeping me hooked to her next post. Her simple recipes are a delight to watch and they further intrigue me with the stories behind each of them, whether it is an ingredient or a technique. She doesn't stick to one particular cuisine and that brings out the versatility on her page.

2. Saee Korrane- Skoranne

From writing a beautiful book, Pangat, which I thought was the best introduction into the world of Maharashtrian cuisine for me to her Instagram page, she helped me understand the different regions of Maharashtra and its varying flavours step-by-step. With her posts, she takes you on a journey with her experiments that highlights local produce and some of Maharashtra's lesser known recipes (that are not in her book btw). Her simple, easy-to do recipes in the highlight section, where she uses what she has in her pantry, transforming it into a wholesome meal is quite irresistible to not give it a shot.

3. Gitika- Gitika's Pakghor

Through her Instagram page, she takes you on an unexplored journey of the North East, especially the Assamese cuisine. If you're a curious cat about food from the North East, her beautiful laid out food posts are sure to grab your attention. From daily routine recipes to festive cooking, her posts bring out an extensive sense of culture and traditions that prevalent in the East.

4. Sweta Biswal- Odisha On My Plate

As her handle name suggests, Odisha on my plate, you'll love how her feed looks. The harmony comes through her plating, the use of light and of course the colours of the food. If you want to know more about Odiya food and some traditions that are so deep-rooted that it reflects in the cuisine, you must check out her page. Her detailed elucidation of the ingredients used in a particular recipe is prodigious in every sense of the word.

5. Shubhra Chatterjee- Historywali

From the writer-director of Chak Le India and India on a plate, to name a few, Shubhra Chatterjee discusses about the important thing (to a true foodie at least), lost recipes! From fermenting as a topic to doing LIVE sessions through her page , she shares recipes that not many people know or that have been lost with time from various communities. She's a pandora box full of food information and you can literally scroll through her feed and learn so much from it!

6. Sheetal Bhatt- The Route To Roots

The route to roots by Sheetal Bhatt takes you to the native lands of Gujarat's through her traditional food posts. She beautifully presents some of the famous and some of the vanishing culinary practices from the region. Through her posts, you'll be transported to the sweet, salty, spicy and sour flavours that make Gujarati cuisine one of its kind.

7. Navya Shanbhag Pai- Konkani Food Recipes

Fancy Konkani food? Navya's Instagram page reveals the techniques and traditions used in the Konkan region. She has a flair for using local ingredients in bountiful and shows simple ways to include them in your meals. She has a blog too that opens you up to a deeper ocean of Konkani recipes and it completely left me in awe of this regional cuisine that I simply can't wait to try!

8. Preeti Deo- Myukkitchen

Author of the book, “Paat Paani Exploring Marathwada Cuisine with memories of family and food”, her page on Instagram bring us the best of Maharashtrian food recipes that are traditional. Having said that, she has also been elevating the cuisine, giving it a modern twist with her techniques while using her backyard garden to the fullest.

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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