Exclusive Peek Into The Big Spread's Ramzan-special Menu

Exclusive Peek Into The Big Spreads Ramzan-special Menu

As the Muslim holy month of Ramzan entered its last week, India Food Network joined The Big Spread in Mumbai to be a part of their Ramzan-special home dining experience. Watch our Eid special video to peek into The Big Spread's Ramzan-special menu in this #EidWithIFN. Find out how it all started and The Big Spread's most demanded dishes during this month of fasting and feasting!


Home-Style Dining

While Farida Kutianawala, Chief of Cooking, The Big Spread, and family have been catering Bohri delicacies to loyal patrons for over three decades now, the idea of hosting authentic Bohri Muslim home dining experiences only took life in 2015. It started with hosting a Ramzan-special menu at home and treating guests to Bohri Muslim delicacies during the holy month.

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Authentic Experiences

"We specialise in traditional Bohri Muslim cuisine," says Fatema Soni, Chief of Marketing, The Big Spread in a chat with India Food Network. "We provide home dining experiences to guests and diners that wish to be a part of the Bohri culture and experience it."

ramzan-special menu

Iftaar Thaal

On how the concept of home dining experiences took birth for the family business, Fatema explains it started with the idea of hosting a Ramzan-special menu. "There was always this time when Ramzan used to come and everybody was very excited about going to Mohammed Ali Road and trying out all the delicacies and enjoying them over there," recollects Fatema, "We realised, why not give them the same experience. That's when the concept of the Iftaar Thaal during the month of Ramadan came around."

ramzan-special menu

2 Cups Passion

"Mom is one of those people who are really talented. She can actually see food, smell it and replicate it. She's so passionate about cooking so we thought it was time that we got her out there," says Fatema.

ramzan-special menu

Secret Recipe

Reavealing the secret ingredients behind attempt to cook, Farida Kutianawala, Chief of Cooking, The Big Spread says, "Anyone can cook, using their own mix of spices and technique. But a meal made with heart and soul makes all the difference."

Kitchen Experiments

Always experimenting in the kitchen, Farida gives IFN a peek into her own recipe for success. "I keep trying something new in the kitchen and sometimes perfection just clicks with a dish and it's only then that I make it for someone else."

Ramzan-Special Menu

Talking of Bohri Muslim delicacies on The Big Spread's Ramzan-special menu, Farida says, "During Ramzan, we make a lot of things." This has extended to The Big Spread's Ramzan-special menu. "We have curated special menus for Ramzan," informs Farida.

Signature Faves

Of course there are signature favourites that always find a place on The Big Spread's Ramzan-special menu, listing some, Farida says, "Nalli Nihari, Haleem, Bheja Cutlets, Chops, Malpua, Jalebi, Rabdi, Phirni - these are some of our most demanded dishes during Ramzan."

Nalli Nihari

Farida's Nalli Nihari has loyal fans in her own family. "An interesting dish and my guilty pleasure would definitely be the Mutton Nalli Nihari," says Fatema. Yunus Kutianawala, Chief of Operations, The Big Spread, adds with a smile, "Whenever she cooks it, I take my portion and keep it aside."

ramzan-special menu The Big Spread's Nalli Nihari

Celeb Fans

"We curate dining experiences for all types of people," informs Farida. "Recently we've hosted several guests from the entertainment industry," she beams as The Big Spread show us selfies clicked with Bollywood actors Aditya Roy Kapoor and Sharman Joshi.

Pursuit of Happiness

"Whoever dines with us leaves happy," says a glowing Farida. "Looking at their happy faces, I feel very happy."

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