Buying Local: 30 Go-To Indian Food Brands For All Things Grocery

Buying Local: 30 Go-To Indian Food Brands For All Things Grocery

This pandemic, COVID-19 has restricted us in so many ways but there is indeed no better time than to be proud of our local brands. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his speech on 12th May, urged people to buy locally produced products. Supporting Indian brands in times of crisis, when exports & imports have stopped is the best way to help our economy. #VocalForLocal. Som here are some Indian Food Brands that you can keep in mind when you go shopping next time around.

1. Amul

The world's largest producer of milk and located in Anand, Gujarat, Amul is one of the most sought-after brands for dairy products. From it's social messaging to brand positioning, it has been one of the brands that never ceases to surprise us. From milk to curd, buttermilk, butter & cheese, Amul has a very active & loyal fan base.

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2. Parle

Who doesn't know India's favourite Chai ka Saathi? Parle G. Manufactured by Parle Agro, it also produces other beverages like Frooti & Appy Fizz too. Located near the Vile Parle Station in Mumbai, this company also produces other biscuits like KrackJack, Monaco, Magix and Hide & Seek.

3. Vadilal

India’s second-largest ice cream player after Amul, Vadilal is based out of Ahmedabad. It has more than 150 different flavours of ice creams under its belt. From fruity to nutty to chocolate ice creams, Vadilal was a go-to brand during my childhood. This brand evokes a lot of memories of licking ice cream from a candy stick until the very end because it was so good that I couldn't resist.

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4. Balaji

Based out of Rajkot in Gujarat, Balaji Wafers was set up by Virani Brothers who only manufactured potato wafers initially. Currently, Balaji has more than 90 SKUs under its brand name with different flavoured wafers & namkeens. One of the other popular Balaji snacks is the crunchy & wheel-shaped fryum-like circular discs called, Wheels which is a favourite amongst children.

5. Kissan

Did you know that Kissan was the first-ever fruit and vegetable brand in India? With innovation and keeping snack time in mind, their tomato ketchup & jams proved to be a game-changer for mothers and Tiffin recipes. They've also dedicated their website to dishing out creative recipe options using their products.

If you're looking for some inspirations for your snack time, click here.

6. Emami

Having been a major player in the FMCG sector, Emami's Healthy & Tasty cooking oils have been known to be prepared with the best ingredients. From rice bran oil for regular cooking to Kachchi Ghani Mustard oil for pickles, sunflower oil, refined soyabean oil and vegetable oil, Emami has 5 different types of oils to offer. See recipes here.

7. Mc Cain

In the frozen food department, there's nothing like McCain. It provides a range of delicious ready-to-eat snack items like French fries, Aloo Tikki, Smilies, Cheesy bites. So, go for buying local, when you feel like snacking on something delicious.

8. Mother Dairy

If you know Mother Dairy only for its dairy products, you're wrong! This company also sells edible oils, fresh and frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, juices, yoghurts, jams & pickles. Headquartered in Uttar Pradesh, this company also has an oil brand named ‘Dhara' under its belt.

9. Haldirams

Most famous in North India, Haldirams is loved for its snacks and traditional namkeens. With a vast range of Indian sweets, it is really popular for it's namkeen called, Bhujia (the orange/red packet)! To add to that list, in the past few years they've launched other snacks like soya sticks & potato chips that are best suited for chai-time!

10. MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room)

MTR was started out as a restaurant in 1924 by Parmeshwara Maiya & his brother, Ganappayya Maiya in then called, Bangalore. Their restaurant in Bengaluru is an iconic joint known for Rava Idlis, Dosas & filter Kaapi. Expanding their business, they ventured into the ready-to-eat sector with instant mixes for batters, pickles & curries.

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11. Old Monk

Set up in 1855, in Kasauli, the company was eventually bought over by Mohan Meakin. It is probably the first alcohol that most people start with.

Calling Old Monk a cult brand, Mohit Joshi, Managing Director at Havas Media Group India said, "The Monk who never sold a Ferrari but without whom no college reunion is complete. Old Monk is a cult brand in its own right. Its unique bottle, smell, sweet taste enlivens memories, sparks nostalgia and warms up the bonds - and that gives it the special place that it holds in our hearts."

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12. MDH- Mahashian Di Hatti

I grew up watching TV ads with an old uncle in them. Yes, he was the famous Mahashay Chuni Lal who established the company in 1919 & whose vision was to make things easier for the homemakers. This ready-to-use ground spices became a huge hit instantly and then the rest was history. From chana masala to chunky chaat masala, MDH had become a household name.

13. Paperboat

Giving us major nostalgia with their products through their ads & social media presence, Paperboat is a relatively new entrant in the market. But, the brands emotional connect with people keeps getting stronger. The sourness from the Aam Panna & saltiness from the jaljeera drink is perfect to beat the heat this summer.

14. Veeba

Started in 2013 by Viraj Bahl, Veeba changed the way we ate international cuisines at home. Their ready to splash sauces were extremely low on fat, or with fat content as low as 1% and going up to 23% only and most of them were 100% vegetarian. From pasta sauces to sandwich spreads and salad dressings, the variety in Veeba's portfolio only keeps increasing. My first thought when I bought my first Veeba purchase was, "Wow! I can now recreate Subway Sandwiches at home!" Did you think that way too?

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15. White Owl

Javed Murad started this company in 2013 when the concept of microbrewery was relatively new in India. With locally-sourced water, White Owl sets itself apart with using the best ingredients and equipment for fermentation. If you're in the mood to grab a beer once the lockdown is over, you know which one to look out for.

16. Patanjali

Entering the market with a bang in 2011, Patanjali is an exemplar of keeping it local in many ways. From staying true to sourcing ingredients within the country, it has produced a number of healthy products. From atta to biscuits, rice, ghee & healthy drinks, it has managed to gain a stronghold in India ever since it was launched.

17. Britannia

Founded in 1892, in Kolkata by a group of British Englishmen, C.H. Holmes, a businessman based in Kolkata, was taken on as a partner in 1918, making it a full-fledged company. Since then, Britannia is known as the king of biscuits until now. From my favourite biscuits, Good Day, Britannia Crackers, Nutri Choice, Milk Bikis, Jim Jam & Little Hearts, this 128-year-old company keeps innovating their product range. It is headquartered in Bengaluru and is a part of the Wadia Group headed by Nusli Wadia. It also widely known for its cheese slices and cheese spreads.

18. Dabur

Being the fourth largest FMCG company in India, Dabur with its food products like fruit juices, homemade sauces & above all the Chawanprash has become a household name in India. If you're watching your weight, Dabur Honey is the most sought-after brands.

19. Everest Spices

Headquartered in Mumbai and founded by Vadilal Shah, Everest Masala offers more than 45 masala variants in the pure form and blends too. From a 200 sq.ft set up to becoming one of India's leading spice companies, Everest Masalas maintain the same standards of purity as they did when they started out.

20. Rooh Afza

Did you know that Rooh Afza was concocted out of 22 ingredients for medicinal purposes? In 1907, Hakim Abdul Majeed made this delicious mix to cure heat strokes, dehydration and diarrhoea. Fast-forward to today and we still can't get enough of this rose-flavoured drink! If you love Rooh Afza, read the story here.

21. Kwality Walls

Founded in 1959 under the parent company, Hindustan Unilever, Kwality Walls has been tempting us ever since. With a wide range of ice cream flavours, it has always been one of India's popular ice cream choices. Buying local with this brand is something that'll be easy for us because it's widely available everywhere. I inherently love their famous version, Cornetto!

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22. Saffola

Founded in 1990 by Harsh Mariwala, Saffola oil is a very popular edible oil brand by the Marico Company. From regular cooking oils to people with conditions like diabetes & cholesterol, Saffola caters to almost all kinds of people.

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23. Vimal Agro

Based out Gujarat, Vimal Agr Products is huge giant in the food business. From fair products like butter, ghee & shrikhand, ready-to-eat canned fruits & vegetables, mango slices & pulp, curry sauces & gravies, pickles, jams & papads, these products are sold under the brand name, Swad.

24. Fortune Group

Headquartered in Ahmedabad and founded by Gautam Adani, Fortune is yet another popular cooking oil brand in India. With unique oil blends to offer like soya, rice bran, groundnut & cottonseed, it is touted as one of the leading oil-producing companies in the country. From atta to rice, pulses & lentils, it is the easiest option for everyday cooking.

25. Tata Sampann

New brand on the block, but from the iconic group, Tata, Tata Sampann came into existence in 2017. From wholesome nutritious food products like unpolished dals, naturally rich spices and pulses, they aim to recreate the taste of Indian food.

26. Daawat Basmati Rice

Falling under the umbrella of LT Foods Company, Daawat has become its flagship brand. Founded in 1990 in then called Gurgoan, LT Foods also produces wheat, atta, pulses, snacks & spices.

27. Heritage Foods Ltd.

Established in 1992 by Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu in Hyderabad, Heritage Group has five business divisions- Dairy, Retail, Agro Bakery & Renewable Energy. It is a popular brand in the South of India with products like ghee, milk & ice-creams under their belt. One of the most popular product in their kitty is the Badam Taste Milk which devoured by both, children and adults alike with much enthusiasm.

28. Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.

Founded by R.G Chandramogan in Chennai in 1970, Hatsun Agro houses brands like Arun Icecreams, Arokya Milk, Hatsun Curd, Hatsun Paneer, Hatsun Ghee, Hatsun Dairy & Ibaco.

29. ITC

ITC casts a wide net with brands like Ashirvaad Atta, Sunfeast, Bingo, Candyman and many more under their umbrella. With so much to offer from grains to snacks and biscuits, ITC has a diversified presence in the FMCG sector. Started in 1910 in Kolkata under the name 'Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited', it was renamed as 'India Tobacco Company Limited' in 1970 and later to I.T.C.

30. DiSano

If you're looking for a healthy Indian-alternative brand that makes olive oils or pasta, DiSano is your answer. With four different varieties of oils- Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Light Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oil, you can cook up an Italian storm in your kitchen. With amazing aroma and colour, it can be widely used for Mediterranean cooking too!

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