5 Spices That Help Boost Your Immune System

5 Spices That Help Boost Your Immune System

With Coronavirus making the rounds & immune systems being on an all-time low, the biggest solution is fight low immunity! In an article by Times of India, according to Delhi based Dr Saras Salil,“Food plays a key role in boosting your immunity and that’s why it is suggested to avoid consumption of raw foods including raw meat, raw egg, raw vegetables to safeguard the immunity.” While doing that, spices have been known to have the curing effects that we need to protect ourselves from infections and other ailments. This season brings in a host of issues like cold, cough, body ache, joint pain etc and to better your immunity, here are a few spices you can incorporate in your diet that helps boost your immune system.

1. Cinnamon

Spices are for all seasons. But, the most popular spice, dalchini, is so aromatic, so flavourful that it is perfect to add to any warm sweet treats. From Lattes to cookies this spice adds a warm hit, keeping your immunity stronger. Cinnamon, an immunity-boosting spice is known to fight the common cold and cough too. Consuming a teaspoon of cinnamon powder facilitates weight loss and helps with congestion related problems. Cinnamon was a common element used in Chinese medicine and is one of the popular spices used to make curries in India.

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2. Ginger

Ginger has thermogenic properties that keeps the body warm and acts as a great immunity booster. Ginger is also know to boost the metabolism and stimulate blow flow which makes it perfect when you fall ill. It is that one spice that Indians use generously in teas during monsoon and winters. Every grandmother's secret medicinal Kadha has ginger in it. And if your grandmother endorses it, it definitely is beneficial for your health.

3. Cardamom

Another popular spice that Indians use generously is cardamom. Available in two varieties - black and green. The green cardamom pods are used in chai and while making Indian sweets and the black used in curries and rice preparations. Cardamom or elaichi is also consumed just as a mukhwas or a mouth-freshener. Apart from keeping the body warm, Cardamom is known to help the respiratory function. It is excellent for skin as it keeps it soft and supple too.

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4. Cloves

Clove is a common spice used in medicine since ancient times . It is best known for its anti inflammatory properties and to treat sore throat. The warm clove add a taste of spicy buzz to the food when added. Clove oil is widely used in curing pain and aches. The spice is warm and soothing during the winters. Chewing on some cloves early in the morning can be good for your health.

5. Star Anise

This star-shaped pods or like we call it, chakra phool in Hindi contains shikimic acid that helps boost metabolism during low immunity periods. It is often used in biryanis or masala chai, enhancing the flavour profiles of each of these dishes. Rich in anti-oxidants & vitamins, it helps in fighting free-radicals, improving immunity, bloating, digestion & nausea.

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