Top 12 Things To Gift Your Valentine Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Top 12 Things To Gift Your Valentine Based On Their Zodiac Sign

The best way to person's heart (be it a man or a woman), it is definitely food! And, if your valentine is foodie, then it's isn't really rocket science to impress them. While there are foods that each zodiac sign should eat, this read lets you explore food options for your valentine based on their personality! When it comes to food favourites & choices, each zodiac sign is unique. So, whether you're a variety of spice kind of a person or a person who lives to eat or a person who can't eat without an instaclick, your zodiac personality can tell a lot about your likes, loves & dislikes. Are you ready to get an insight on what you should be gifting your valentine, this Valentines Day?

1. Aries - A fast food trail

They are huge fast food lovers which also means that they're really easy about food! You give them anything, they're happy with it. But, this Valentines Day, what you can really treat them with is what they're most comfortable with: a FAST FOOD Trail around the city definitely doesn't sound like a bad idea. A delicious, juicy burger with loads of fries could do the trick!


2. Taurus- A big spread

Known to have big appetites, Taureans love food and savour each and every bite that goes into their mouth. They have a weakness for chocolate, pasta & also have strong opinions about usually everything, especially about food. DND is the mode they switch to while they're devouring their food on a comfortable sofa somewhere. Bring that comfort to them with these amazing chocolates by Ether or surprise them with a huge portion of something spectacular because if they don't enjoy it, it'll be a wasted meal for them.

Image Source: Ether Chocolates

3. Gemini- A buffet

Variety is the spice of life for Geminis and there's nothing better than a buffet to treat them with! A breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet, pick your time & head to the fanciest place because they really love a good meal with an even better conversation!


4. Cancer- Chocolate lava cake

They're emotional, even if it's about food. They show their hard exterior but inside they're soft, mushy just like a chocolate lava cake! They seek comfort in all things & that's how they'd like special days to be too!

chocolate lava cake

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5. Leo- Italian food

Going on their personality. they're people who love all things luxury, fine dine & pasta! Give them a bowl of pasta and they could give your their heart. A simple Aglio Olio or a marinara sauce pasta with a glass of red or white chardonnay is their jam! Also, they'd always have some place for dessert so going Italian all the way with a Tiramisu is just like adding cherry on the cake.

6. Virgo-Healthy binges

Picky eaters that they are, tread wisely when you're taking them out or even cooking for them! They love binging on healthy snacks between meals. They're health enthusiasts and healthy food is always on their mind!So, sending them a box full of munchies is a great idea. A salad bowl with something grilled is their idea of a perfect date.

7. Libra-Dessert crawl

Librans are what you call the people who eat with their eyes! They love to be presented with artistic plating & fancy presentations; it's like a treat to their soar eyes! They're sophisticated in their food preferences with subtly seasoned food & are not big on strong & bold flavours. Desserts is something they can't really say no to. Getting the hint?

8. Scorpio- Crockery & Cutlery

Sensuous, fiery & strong-headed as they are, they love all things masaledar, spicy & something strong flavoured that satisfies their palate. They do have a total control on what they eat; but it's also all out or nothing for them when they're dining. Their love for crockery & cutlery comes from their inert love for all things food.

Image Source: Freedom Tree

9. Sagittarius- Camera, Action!

They love to eat or rather live to eat! They enjoy food so much so that they know a lot about food, even if they're not in the business! They love natural produce and a subscription to a curated meal for a month could be a gift they'd appreciate a lot. On the other hand, something like an Instax is the best way to fulfil their 'for the gram' dreams as they are big on keepsakes!

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10. Capricorn- Dinner Date

Hard working, sincere, organised, fitness geek & practical people that they are, Capricorns are also people who dig familiarity. They wouldn't mind eating the same ol' meal everyday & their love for homemade food that is not overtly spicy comes across through their choices. And, they would love a partner who'd cook for them. #JustSaying

11. Aquarius- Quaint cafes

Anything tart or citrus is their flavour palate! They're humanitarian than most other sun signs & love to indulge in food responsibly! Although they're intrigued by food trends, they seldom indulge in it. Aquarians feel comfortable in cosy dining spaces rather than a fancy setup. So a quaint cafe with great food makes for a perfect date night.

12. Pisces- Food Books

Being old souls, they're homely & they love to cook. So, they might just end up surprising you with some knock out dinner date recipe, especially curated for you. For such a sweetheart, you could gift them an amazing cookbook by their favourite author or a cooking class with their favourite chef! Samin Nosrat's book, Salt Fat Acid Heat is ideal.

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