Here's Why Guava Chilli Is The Flavour Of The Season

Heres Why Guava Chilli Is The Flavour Of The Season

I know Guavas have arrived when my mother brings in the first lot from the market, chops them up after dinner and sprinkles a good amount of chilli powder on it. That's indeed as Indian as it gets & these memories from my childhood are so strong that the very mention of Guavas transports me back to my mothers kitchen, licking up every speck on chilli in the end. I'm still there. Feeling nostalgic. Okay but, I'm going to stop myself from wavering off topic & come to the point; things have changed now.

Guava is no more a fruit that is plainly enjoyed just as is. It's become a much more than that kind of a phenomenon; from mocktails, cocktails, desserts & everything in between, restaurants & brands have brought together this classic flavour combination and I got my hands on some of my favourites while the season lasts. How about you?

1. Guava Chilli Macarons, Le 15

Who would've thunk Guava Chilli Macarons, right? Before biting into one, I think, "one can easily go wrong with fusions". But, I'm proven wrong after savouring the first bite (couldn't wait to take another bite). Pooja Dhingra gives a desi touch to the oh-so-fancy French dessert in a way that it keeps dragging me back for some more. The subtle hints of the Guava Chilli flavour leaves me smiling, because although subtle, the after taste pretty much satiates my palette in a good way.

2. Guava Chilli Mary, Woodside Mumbai

Sipping into a Bloody Mary turned into a Guava Chilli Mary was quite the experience for me. The hit from the chilli somehow overpowered the guava flavour but it is definitely worth trying out if you're at Woodside, which is located at Oshiwara & Colaba. It was something unusual, I must say.

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3. The Guava Tan-Ta-Tan, The Bombay Canteen

The Bombay Canteen is known for taking traditional flavours & ingredients; spinning them around into modern fusions & producing a perfect burst of flavour explosions all in one bite! Seasonal produce is what they love heroing in all of their dishes. It is the fifth winter in since they dished out this recipe & it's only going stronger amongst the patrons like me. The rosetted pink guavas in a crisp little tart is served with a chilli ice cream to balance off that sweetness from the Guavas.

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THE GUAVA TAN-TA-TAN IS BACK! This gorgeous dessert which celebrates the arrival of the winter pink guavas makes a grand return on the menu for the fifth winter in a row on our #TBCWinterMenu at @thebombaycanteen courtesy @sucresdesterres. . This warm pink guava tart tatin with chilli ice cream and guava caramel is downright addictive, and will surely remind you of the thelewala selling sliced guava and chilli on the streets. . Come and get your nostalgia fix for the next two months before it disappears again. #guavatantatan #guavachilli #pinkguava #guavatart #guavatartetatin #sucresdesterres #IndianFoodMovement #Indianwinterfruits #tbcwintermenu #thebombaycanteen #indiainspired #mumbai

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4. Guava Chilli Icecream, The Ice Cream Bakery

There's indeed nothing more satisfying than an ice cream, especially during winters. The Ice Cream Bakery in Mumbai takes me by surprise with every spoonful with fresh chunky guava pieces swirled in the ice cream; a definite highlight for me. And, you can sprinkle as much or as little chilli you like because they literally hand over the chilli powder sprinkler to you! And, it's safe to say that hot & sweet has become my new favourite flavour combination.

5. Guava Chilli Mead, Moonshine Meadery

Not familiar with what mead is? It's a honey-based alcoholic drink that is flavoured with various ingredients like fruits, spices, grains etc. However, Moonshine Meadery has taken it a step ahead with the Guava Chilli flavour mead; basically, it's all you'd want on a night out with friends or for a house party!

6. Guava Chilli Juice, Paperboat

Paperboat is popular for taking us back to our childhoods with flavours like Aam Panna, Jaljeera, etc. They've paved the way to my heart with the cheapest available option for guava chilli flavour (after the actual Guava & Chilli). The juice is refreshingly sweet and sour, a perfect way to cheer me up on a dull winter afternoon.

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