IFN Celebrates 14 India's All-Time Favourite Chocolates

IFN Celebrates 14 Indias All-Time Favourite Chocolates

Chocolate is a pure indulgence and we, Indians love our sweets way too much. Be it white, milk or dark, each one of us has a favourite. Our eyes spark up even at the sight of chocolates, let alone eating them. World Chocolate Day is here and we cannot forget to mention a few of India's favourites that we couldn't just do without. Be it a Happy, sad, angry, hopeless, a bite into these chocolates took us to a happier place. With so many chocolates flooding the market every day, here are chocolates that have won our hearts each time we've put them in our mouths and evoked strong nostalgic moments.

1. Munch

Sweet milk chocolate on the outside and wafer-y biscuit on the inside, Munch has the perfect crunch to it. There's always a debate as to which one is better- Munch or Perk? But honestly, if you like sweeter chocolate, Munch is the right choice.

2. Perk

The blue packaging of Perk is so inviting that even from far off, it's pretty easy to recognize this one. Not overly sweet, its delicious chocolate flavour is appealing to our taste buds like no other.

3. KitKat

Nestle's KitKat is a distinct chocolate that can be savoured in a playful manner. With either a two-stick or a four-stick pack, indulging in a KitKat becomes a joyful experience.

4. 5-Star

Chocolatey on the outside, chewy on the inside with a caramel centre, 5-Star is a pleasure to eat. The golden wrapper is so attractive that it could bring a twinkle in an adults eyes too, let alone children!

5. Snickers

Two variations-Peanuts and Almonds, both sound like a tasty and healthy way to start the day! Breakfast bars are popular and Snickers fits the bill on all levels.

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6. Dairymilk

With time, this classic milk chocolate changed but there were always takers making it an all-time favourite plain chocolate. It is popularly devoured in either a melted or hard version, making it a perfect sweet treat.

7. Fruit N Nut

Packing a punch with each bite filled with rich chewy fruits and crunchy nuts, this indulgence is a sinful affair. If you're an almond lover, the Roast Almond flavour is another option to dive into because every bite feels decadent.

8. Crackle

A burst of pop, crack and crunch, Crackle is DairyMilk's lovely addition to the mix bag for people who neither like plain chocolates nor the likes of fruit and nut!

9. Cadbury Silk

With the launch of Cadbury Silk in the market, every other version of DairyMilk seemed to stop existing for a while. Silk comes in all kinds, classic, Roast Almond, Fruit N Nut and a lot of experimental flavours like Oreo, Caramel, Bubbly and Oreo Red Velvet which is the latest addition.

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10. Nutties

A typical pop and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, Nutties invigorates deep nostalgia and was one of our childhood favourites. Super chocolatey with gooey, crunchy and all things amazing is what Nutties is all about.

11. Gems

Our Gems Story-we played with them, we ate them, we colour coded them, we stuffed our mouths with them and never wanted to share them.

12. Milky Bar

We prefer the very first version of this chocolate and always longed for it to come back but the ones that did never matched up. The now chewy version of the bar upsets us but we still eat it in the memory of our milky past.

13. Amul Dark Chocolate

Although a very small section of Indians like to gorge on dark chocolates, Amul's Dark Chocolate made way to our hearts purely because it broke the monotony of milk and white chocolates in the market. 55% rich in cocoa content, it is rich, creamy and ideal for the Indian palette.

14. Cadbury Shots

A fun, playful way of eating chocolate by just popping it in your mouth like peanuts is what Cadbury shots are all about. They're small chocolatey balls that keep us coming back for more and could it get any chocolatier than that? We guess not!

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