IFN Weekly Meal Plan 2: What You Should Be Cooking This Week

IFN Weekly Meal Plan 2: What You Should Be Cooking This Week

So, here we are again sharing the 2nd weekly meal plan for you so that we can make your life easier! Now, we need for your genuinely tell us if it was too much for you to follow up. If so, we've simplified it further for you as I'm going to be listing down ingredients you need for each day. All you got to do is write up the list & give it to your bhaji wala or house help or better yet, grofers/big basket or amazon it! Like we told you in our last weekly meal plan edition, planning for meals can get hectic, so here we with some dishes that you can plan ahead for.

Vegetarian Meal Plan

Ingredients you need:

Monday: Moong dal, chillies, rice flour, Urad dal, toor dal, drumsticks, masala box, potatoes, wheat flour lemons, rice, mustard seeds, curry leaves, carrots, peas, beetroot, rava, oil, salt.

Tuesday: Mooli/ white radish, wheat flour, chana (gram) powder onions, oil, hing (asofoetida), mixed masala, haldi (turmeric),(mustard seeds) Salt, Coriander, ginger-garlic-green chilli paste, bajra, schezwan sauce, rice, urad dal, potatoes, carrots.

Wednesday: Onions, Potatoes, Green Chillies, Mustard seeds, carrots, wheat flour, tomatoes, rice flour, salt, oil.

Thursday: Dosa Batter, coconut, choice of your favourite mixed vegetables, dill, wheat flour, chickpeas, spices, salt, oil, tahini sauce, pita bread, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, pomegranate, coriander.

Friday: Cheese, Broccoli, Bread, Bajra Flour, Mooli or white radish, brinjals, oil, spices, salt, green peas, rice, carrots, potatoes, coriander, chaat masala.

Saturday: Chaat Masala, Oats, peas, paneer, wheat flour, carrots, ghee, milk, sugar, vegetables for undhiyu, methi leaves, flax seeds, hummus

Sunday:Idli batter, chickpeas, spinach leaves, wheat flour, pasta, tomatoes, fresh cream, oregano, basil leaves, broccoli, masoor dal.

Week 2 Meal Plan IFN

Non Vegetarian Meal Plan

Monday: eggs, leftover chapatis/tortillas, lettuce, capsicums, chicken, vegetables of your choice, wheat flour, corn, tomatoes, onions, salt, oil, spices.

Tuesday: Eggs, bread, spices, salt, curd, chicken, whet flour, prawns, poha, brown chickpeas, chillies, coconut.

Wednesday: Fresh herbs, chicken, bread, fish of your choice, fenugreek leaves, rice, mutton, leftover roti, vegetable fo your choice, poha, peanuts.

Thursday: Eggs, muffin bread, chicken, lettuce, herbs, mushrooms, soya chunks, rice, corn, potatoes, spices, salt, oil.

Friday: Bread, eggs, butter, sugar, bananas, chicken, vegetables, rice, gram flour, salt, oil.

Saturday: Chicken, curd, mutton, wheat flour, ready made samosa rolls, coriander, onions, cucumber, chickpeas, salt, oil.

Sunday: Dosa batter, chicken, rice, pizza base, bell peppers, olives, gram flour, sev, chaat masala, coriander, salt, oil.


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