Craving Tender Coconut? There's An App For That

Craving Tender Coconut? Theres An App For That

There's an app for everything and the latest product to join the virtual marketplace is India's favourite tropical fruit. The tender coconut delivery app Niu Neer claims to be the first of its kind in India and promises "premium quality tender coconuts" along with "convenience and consistency" to its consumers.

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Niu Neer, by F2T Super Fresh Pvt Ltd, is free to download and available for iPhone via Apple's iStore and for Android devices via Google's Play Store. Currently delivering to select pincodes in Mumbai and Chennai, Niu Neer offers its customers the option to purchase a single coconut or sign up for a weekly, monthly or quarterly subscription.

A 250 ml tender coconut, called NiuNeer's Dew on the app, is priced at Rs 50 a piece and a 350 ml tender coconut, called NiuNeer's Exra Dew, is priced at Rs 60 a piece. For your first order, the tender coconut delivery app is offering two pieces at a discounted price of Rs 35 each for 250 ml and Rs 42 each for 350 ml. When India Food Network tried placing an order, we were informed the app doesn't service our area at the moment.

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The Niu Neer app also allows users to check the "Niu Neer's Origin" before placing an order. This feature displays details like the date when the tender coconut was picked, its place of origin and freshness level. Over the next 18 months, the company plans to expand the tender coconut delivery app's reach to five more cities namely Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Pune and Indore.

While the tender coconut vendors, a quintessential sight on Indian streets, particularly in towns and cities along the coast and southern regions, aren't going anywhere, Niu Neer aims to reduce the several layers between the producers and consumers of tender coconut. "This enables audiences to avail fresh, home delivered produce while simultaneously delivering a fair price to farmers," reads the company's statement to the media.

"Presenting urbanites with a dream proposition, F2T Superfresh brings the opportunity to enjoy ultimate quality, farm fresh produce conveyed directly from the farmer, with a minimum time lag," states the tender coconut delivery app's description. "Niu Neer proposes to put premium quality tender coconuts in the hands of the consumer, a couple of days from the time they are picked!"

The tender coconut's numerous health benefits are not unknown. A simple search on Google will tell you that the tender coconut boasts 94 per cent water. No wonder it has been the subcontinent's favourite way to beat the heat for generations. Niu Neer plans to attract both traditional consumers of tender coconut and the discerning millennials who have started to turning to tender coconut for its health benefits.

The company even plans to encourage sustainable habits among its consumers. “Our goal is not only to provide a seamless service but also to incentivise customers to be responsible to the environment," says Deepak Ram, Founder, Niu Neer, "For every delivery, we also collect every shell we sell. We make sure we recycle the returned shells and create an innovative and seamless sustainability initiative thereby reducing tons of solid waste to the city."

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