Top 5 Thandai Places In Mumbai To Visit This Holi

Top 5 Thandai Places In Mumbai To Visit This Holi

Holi Hai!!! And, what makes this festival of colours even happier is the famous Thandai, a drink that is predominantly made with spices like fennel, cardamom & saffron, mixed with cream & milk! It is so famous all over India that this traditional version has been reinvented in more ways than we can think of. From traditional thandai to flavoured ones, thandai shots to thandai in mithais & alcoholic concoctions, here are top 5 places in Mumbai to get thandai this holi.

1. Khane Khas, Bandra for the Traditional Thandai

This 21-year-old shop becomes a party place on the day of holi, selling more thandais than you can imagine. After playing Holi, head here with your friends for a chilled Thandai at Rs. 200 a litre!

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2. AKA Bistro for Berry Thandai

From strawberry to blueberry & traditional too, AKA bistro has many more varieties like paan, saffron & mango too! Holi party isn't complete without thandai & this place has more than one variety to offer!

3. Anando Milk, Chowpatty

A dairy parlour, Anando in Chowpatty is popular for it's range of milk-based products from drinks to chocolates. On the day of Holi, go for their Classic Thandai & some grilled sandwiches to along with it to satisfy your hunger pangs after the celebration.

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4. Plate & Pint, Thandai Cheesecake, Bhulabhai Desai Road

Have you tried cheesecakes & macarons in a Thandai flavour? If not, you're not going to be disappointed for your first experience at Plate & Pint. The macarons are not thandai flavours but are definitely in sync with the Holi fever. However, the cheesecake is only available on the day of Holi, i.e. 10th March. If you're craving for something different, head here.

5. Masala Bar, Bollywood Thandai Bhaang

Known for it's Bollywood Bhaang concoction, Masala Bar knocks it out of the park with the presentation! You'll be served in a beautiful skull head and is flavoured with basil leaves. And, of course there's a bit of vodka added in it too. So, if you're looking to elevate your thandai experience, this place does it for you!

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