Ultimate Guide: The Best Cheesecake Trail In Mumbai

Ultimate Guide: The Best Cheesecake Trail In Mumbai

From an unheard concept back in 2012 to now having over 100 places serving cheesecakes, Mumbai's cheesecake scene has evolved. The popularity of the New York Cheesecake and the classic Philadelphia Cheesecake led to the National Cheesecake Day celebration in the US. However, when this food trend hit India, Mumbai set out to give its ode to this elaborate dessert, giving mithai and chocolate-loving Mumbai, yet another reason to fall in love with dessert, but only with cheese this time. From creamy cheesecake waffles to cheesecake on a stick and soufflé cheesecakes, here's a list of places to go-to for the perfect cheesecake trail.

1. Daniel Patissier

Ever heard of the Japanese Cheesecake? If not then, you're in for a treat because we totally fell in love with the delicately flavoured, pillowy Japanese cheesecake. This quaint little outlet serves everything from macarons to cakes but the ultimate star is the Kyoto Cheesecake. It is so light and delicious that one can literally finish a loaf of it by themselves! This super airy spongy goodness made with cream cheese, is like a mouthful of soft clouds, melting away to glory.

Japanese Cheesecake

Price: Rs. 490

Location: Pali Naka, Bandra | Oshiwara, Andheri

2. Le 15 Patisserie

Want the best of both worlds with cheesecake and cupcake, both in one? Le 15 has heard you and with flavours like Banoffee, Nutella, White Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie cheesecake cups, you'll be transported to cheesecake haven with every bite.

Price: Rs. 70 onwards

Location: Colaba | Bandra | Parel

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3. Your Sugar Story

Karina Parwani gives you a cheesecake on a stick, that totally sounds like an instagrammable idea and it is definitely oh so worth it too! If you're a Nutella lover, the Nutella Cheesecake will take you to heaven every time you bite into it. And. if you're in the mood to experiment further, perk up the Nutella flavours with a glass of the boozy bailey's Irish cold coffee.

cheesecake on a stick

Price: Rs. 220 onwards

Location: Your Sugar Story, Kumkum Villa, 16th Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

4. Theobroma

If your idea of a perfect cheesecake is with seasonal fruit toppings on a classic homemade cheesecake, Theobroma doesn't disappoint. Their New York Style Baked cheesecake comes with a topping of lemon, seasonal fruits or chocolate, so whatever you're in the mood for, take a pick and dwell into the world of cheesecakes with this creamy baked to perfection dessert.

Price: Rs. 130 onwards

Location: Powai | Bandra | Lower Parel | Andheri | Chembur | Vashi | Thane

5. Pizza Express

Known for their thin-crust pizzas and dough balls, Pizza Express is a hidden gem when it comes to cheesecakes. If you're a classic New York style Cheesecake lover, this place is it. With a buttery biscuit base and rich, creamy baked cheesecake filling, and a hint of vanilla, it is served with a dollop of gelato or mascarpone cream. They've also introduced a chocolate cheesecake that comes with a layer of chocolate ganache, a sinful indulgence, we must say.

New York Cheesecake

Price: Rs. 295

Location: Colaba | Bandra Kurla Complex | Powai | Veera Desai Road | Viviana Mall | High Street Phoenix

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6. Love & Cheesecake

With over 30 varieties of cheesecakes, this place is indeed a cheesecake lovers paradise. From layered cheesecakes to baked and cold, you name it and this place gives you every reason to smile with your face stuffed with an amazing range of flavours. Grab a slice of their Lemon and Nutella from their cold cheesecake section and a New York style from their Baked section and you'll be thanking us. If chocolate cheesecake is something you can't get enough of, wait till you try their Godiva Cheesecake (make sure you pre-order this one)!

Price: Rs. 145 onwards for a slice and Rs. 775 onwards for half kg cheesecake

Location: Powai | Bandra | Juhu | Lower Parel | Andheri | Fort

7. Bastian

Known for their seafood menu, when it comes to desserts, it's all about cheesecakes for them. There's something for everybody here, whether you're a vegan or prefer gluten-free desserts or you're following the Keto diet, they have it. If you love peanuts and chocolate, Slice of Turtle highlights both those ingredients to the fullest. Basically, it is a place where you'd find cheesecakes in decadent combinations like Oreo, Ferrero Rocher, creme brûlée, vanilla and chocolate! What more can you ask for, right?


Price: Rs. 550 + taxes

Location: B/1, New Kamal Building, Opposite National College, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

8. Cheesecake Republic

Home bakers, Shruti and Aishwarya make you drool over the concept of cheesecakes like never before. They not only have cheesecakes as desserts but in the savoury flavours like sun-dried tomato, peri-peri and Jalapeños too. With cold desi versions like Thandhai, Paan, Gulab Jamun and Boondi cheesecakes, they've pretty much taken the concept of cheesecakes to yet another level. Don't forget to try their cookie-dough and red velvet cheesecake while you're there.

Price: Rs. 300 onwards for a slice

Location: B 14, Shruti Apartments, Yashodham, Goregaon East, Mumbai

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