Cheesy Cocktail Samosa

These cheesy samosas are the perfect monsoon snack

In monsoon, your heart pines for hot, fried food and rightfully so. When it is pouring and the weather starts becoming a little chilly, you want comforting warm food to satiate you. Samosas are that comfort food. We can't think of a snack more popular than samosa. The aloo and peas filling with the crunchy exterior make it the perfect snack to have with a hot cup of tea. 

Today, we have a similar recipe. This samosa is also called patti samosa in some regions of Indian because the exterior is made of thin, lasagne-like sheets. Ours is an onion and cheese filling with black pepper, green chillies and garlic. Dip it in a spicy sauce and there, you have your tea-time snack to enjoy the rains. 

    10 Mins
    10 Mins
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