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Goan prawns and bhindi kadhi

A traditional Goan prawns curry made with a special spice paste and bhindi. Aromatic, rich and flavourful, this curry is best eaten with a plate of steamed rice.

The Goan prawns and bhindi curry, known as prawn and bendé in most Goan households, is a spicy and rich gravy best enjoyed with rice or a pao. It is also popularly referred to as the "orange curry" and some locals also call it "Sungta Bhendechi Kodi" 

The spice paste that this curry is made with is coconut-based. The coconut adds to the flavour by making the otherwise spicy (thanks to the liberal use of dried red chillies) curry creamier and mild. The okra can be replaced with seasonal alternatives like drumsticks or even basics like a potato or brinjal.

    10 Mins
    30 Mins
    2 People