How to make crispy kanda bhaji?

The monsoons invariably call for hot pakoras and chai. These crispy kanda bhajis are for days when you’d rather sit idly, eat and watch the rain.

Whether you call it kanda pakora, kanda bhaji or onion fritters, the fact is that it is undeniably the favourite monsoon snack of most people in India. Aloo bhaji, vada pav, paneer pakora, bread pakora and mirchi vada are some of the other fried snacks that we like to indulge in as soon as the weather dictates that there is going to be a downpour.

Our recipe is a simple one. Slice your onions, coat them in spices and flour and deep fry until golden brown. Enjoy with the rains.

    5 mins Mins
    5 mins Mins
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