Mahabaleshwar-Style Strawberry Cream

Mahabaleshwar-Style Strawberry Cream

When Mahabaleshwar gives you strawberries, you ought to make the famously delicious Strawberry Cream! With the markets full of some lovely and fresh Strawberries in the market, India Food Network brings to you a delicious Strawberry Cream recipe. We would love to take you back to those lush strawberry gardens in Mahabaleshwar from The Mapro Garden & if you haven't been there, we give you a reason to bring it home to you!


1 Cup Whipped Cream

1-¼ Cup Caster Sugar

Strawberry Crush

Sliced Strawberries

Chopped Strawberries

2 Scoops Strawberry Ice Cream

A Pinch of Edible Gold Glitter


1. Whip the cream along with caster sugar with the help of a hand blender.

2. Swirl strawberry syrup around the glass.

3. Add the whipped cream as a base.

4. Stick sliced strawberries around the glass.

5. Add strawberry ice-cream.

6. Add whipped cream again and then the chopped strawberries.

7. Fill the glass with whipped cream and drizzle some strawberry syrup.

8. Top it with a slice of strawberry and some edible gold glitter.

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