The most Googled recipes of 2021 and here's how you can get a taste of it all

Why enoki mushroom, modak, methi matar malai and palak ruled the roost as the most trending food topics in 2021.

The most Googled recipes of 2021 and heres how you can get a taste of it all

Another year has gone by as we stand on the horizon of 2021, eager to usher in 2022. But before we do that, it's that time of the year when we take stock of the foods that made it to the most trending list. Earlier in December, Google revealed '2021 Year in Search (YIS)' data, which sheds light on the kind of searches that ruled the roost and highlights the underlying trends behind them that shaped 2021. Within food, specifically, our collective intrigue ranged from wanting to learn more about mushrooms to craving familiar sweets and comfort foods. One look at the list dropped by the tech giant, and it is clear that 2021 was as much as a year of seeking the new, as it was about safeguarding the old.

Luckily for you, we at IFN have a quick remedy (plus tips, hacks and recipes) related to all that the world wishes to know more about within the ambit of food. Here's a quick glance at the list, with our top recommendations in tow.

Enoki mushrooms

A common feature in ramen bowls, enoki mushrooms are incredibly delicious and worth experimenting with. Just sauté up a bunch, or add them to your leftover rice and voila! You have an umami-rich dish ready.

Our recco: Try the edamame, truffle and crispy enoki sushi roll at Mizu Izakaya (outlets Bandra and Worli)


This OG Maharashtrian sweet is enjoyed during Ganesh Chaturthi and Maaghi Ganpati celebrations. Loaded with the goodness of jaggery and coconut, it is undeniably Mumbai's sweetest offering and comes in several flavours.

Our recco: Make ukadiche modaks at home using this recipe below


This leafy vegetable is versatile and while our favourite way of enjoying the winter staple, is in the form of palak paneer, it can be reimagined into a bunch of dishes.

Our recco: Try the spinach and corn grilled sandwich at Sandwizza (outlets across Mumbai)

Methi matar malai

A winter staple whipped up with fresh fenugreek in a rich and creamy curry, this one's keeper

Our recco: Here's how you can make it.

Chicken soup

Comforting, nourishing and pleasing, all at once. Chicken simmered with spices is not just good for the body, but also for the soul.

Our recco: Whip yourself up a hot cuppa using the recipe below.

Pornstar martini

This is a crowd-pleasing combination of vanilla and passion fruit accompanied by a shot of sparkling wine. It originated at London's Townhouse bar in the early 2000s only to be adopted by bars the world over. Certainly a star, it tastes just as good as it looks.

Our recco: Read this tongue-in-cheek piece on our website.


Quintessentially a comfort food, lasagna is a beauty and has wonderful variations.

Our recco: Try the lasagne verde, lasagne con polpette at Sorrentina by Foodhall in Santacruz west.


While there is no dearth of cookie recipes, we all have a favourite or two. Especially with the holiday season in full swing, there's a special hankering for the sweet tidbit.

Our recco: Sign up for this class or get the recorded session and learn to make gingerbread cookies.

Matar paneer

One of the most popular dishes to populate restaurants and homes alike, this OG paneer recipe also finds a snug spot on Google's trends' list.

Our recco: Try making it at home this weekend by following our recipe


Call it kada or kadha, herbal tea or kadha tea, these immunity booster shots were largely consumed in the wake of the pandemic. No wonder people were searching for it maniacally. A simple concoction of commonly found kitchen spices and herbs boiled in water for a specified time, this is a keeper, pandemic or not.

Our recco: Treasured and prided upon, here are some kada recipes for you to bookmark.

Making it to the cool list, these foods engaged us and how.

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