10 super-easy snacks to have on the menu during the IPL season

From herbalicious and cheesy treats to fusing Mexican and desi flavours, check out our bona fide IPL snacking menu

Update: 2024-04-17 06:51 GMT

It has only been a couple weeks since the awaited Indian Premier League-2024 commenced. An event that is very well known to create an atmosphere so exciting, not only for cricket enthusiasts but casual viewers alike.

As the excitement of the IPL season unfolds, gathering friends and family for thrilling matches becomes a cherished tradition. While the cricket action keeps everyone glued to the screen, having a selection of delicious snacks on hand completes the viewing experience. Whether you're a fan of spicy, savoury, or sweet treats, we are presenting to you a comprehensive list of snacks with something for everyone to enjoy.

Keep scrolling for 10 super-easy snacks that you can serve your guests this IPL Season.

Corn Cheese Chilli Mini Samosa 
Who doesn't love corn or cheese, or samosas? Moderately spiced, borrowing a certain sweetness from corn and fusing it with cheesy goodness, swap your normal potato samosas with these mini delights!

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Instant Tomato Dip
Munching on a packet of potato chips or nachos while enjoying the match? Don't forget to make and serve this versatile, yet simple, tangy and zesty instant tomato dip to elevate your chip/nacho snacking session as you cheer for your team.

Cracker Chaat
A snack-worthy combination of the healthy black chana chaat, placed on a crunchy cracker and topped with tangy imli chutney, spicy green chutney and a lot of dal moth namkeen. What could be better?

Mango Chicken Bites 
Mango chicken bites offer a delightful fusion of flavours that perfectly complement the excitement of IPL matches. Chicken cubes sauteed in a sweet and tangy mango sauce, creating a mouthwatering snack that's both savoury and refreshing, make sure you have this seasonal gem prepared to enjoy well before the match starts.

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Dabeli Pinwheel
The dabeli pinwheels are a creative twist on the traditional Indian, savoury street food, that features a spicy potato mixture filled in the original Bombay laadi pav. These bite-sized pinwheels, however, feature a moong dal crepe as an alternative to the pav, Ensuring your snack time is not only indulgent but healthy as well. Packed with flavour, these healthy Dabeli Pinwheels are sure to be a hit with cricket fans and food lovers alike!

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Butter Honey Potato Chips 
How about you swap those store-bought potato chips for a crispier homemade version with a delish butter honey sauce that’s proven to add a sweet and rich twist to your classic snack. And what's more? You can drizzle this sauce on other munchings like popcorn or nachos, elevating their flavours.

Chicken Thecha Sandwich 
Add a little spice to your climactic matches with these super easy chicken thecha sandwiches. After all, a match that has you on the edge of your seat, deserves an equally fiery snack that’ll have your taste buds reeling in for more!

Kadhai Paneer Taco 
Kadhai paneer tacos offer a delicious fusion of Indian and Mexican flavours, offering your palate an array of sensations. Tender paneer cubes cooked with aromatic spices and bell peppers create a mouthwatering filling that could be assembled in a soft as well as hard taco shells.

Extra Long Potato Fries 
Wish you had an almost never ending supply of your favourite potato fries as you sat glued to the screen waiting for MS Dhoni’s helicopter shot? It's now a possibility with this recipe for extra long and extra flavourful fries, sporting a hint of herbs and cheesy goodness!

Chicken Tikka Masala Quesadilla
A delightful Indian take on the much loved Mexican quesadilla, is the chicken tikka masala quesadilla. A fusion of flavours, the right amount of cheesiness and a super-easy, quick-to-make snack, this could be the perfect addition to your IPL snacking menu!

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So, as you gear up for another exhilarating IPL match, take the time to plan your snack menu carefully, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience for all!


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