Dr. Nandita Iyer returns to YouTube

Nutritionist and author, Nandita Iyer marks her return with new and healthy recipes on her YouTube channel

Update: 2022-04-06 12:45 GMT

With the world vacillating towards newer healthy recipes each day, in a bid to make them interesting, we have seen a rise in content that is also shifting to suit this trend. Healthy pizza, bakes, pasta, burgers, and street food are all just one Google search away. And now, noticing how the tables have turned in the food content space, Dr. Nandita Iyer has planned to make a comeback to YouTube after a six-year-long break. Out of curiosity, when we asked her the reason for her return, Iyer said "I am making a comeback with the thought of joining the numerous women in the nutrition space and since IFN is giving me an opportunity to do so, I thought, "Let's give it a shot".'

Dr. Nandita Iyer—also an author and columnist—joined the digital space about eight years ago. She has a YouTube channel, Saffron Trails and a blog by the same name, where she covers a wide array of topics, from travel and food to nutrition. She has also authored two books, The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian and her latest, Everyday Superfoods, that emphasise on the importance of healthy diets and how you can incorporate one in your life easily.

Her comeback is backed with a fresh, new, approach towards healthy food that's also 100% vegetarian, and will find resonance in her YouTube channel. Her first episode releases on Saffron Trails on the 6th of April, where she will demonstrate how to make jowar rotis in a style that is native to Northern Karnataka.

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