Ānamiva Hotel in Goa is a quiet oasis of rest, rejuvenation and comfort

Rejuvenate your mind and soul at Ānamiva, Goa

Update: 2023-03-20 07:30 GMT

Anjuna in North Goa may be known for its never-ending list of beaches, parties and more, but it is also a haven for a traveller looking for a quiet vacation. Ānamiva, a designer boutique hotel, located in the heart of Anjuna promises you a ticket to precisely that kind of a tranquil experience.

Books & breakfast
I checked in seamlessly and noted my room's beautiful furniture and unique artwork. Next, drawn by the enticing premise of stacked bookshelves and tasty treats, my first stop was Booked Café. As you enter the hotel, you are greeted by a warm, wooden space filled with natural sunlight. Cozy corners of Booked Café invite you to spend some time unwinding and relaxing in their soft armchairs and pillow-plumped seats. The books are carefully curated, and range from nostalgic ones like Enid Blyton and Archie comics, to shelves filled with books on history, mystery and everything in between. Those who want to play board games have the option to do so as well – they have an assorted selection varying from Twilight to Scrabble and even Jenga.

After you pick a book, the next natural step is to choose a dessert to go with it. What will you have, a delectable lemon tart that tastes like a burst of sunshine, or perhaps a delicious chocolate fudge brownie? Pair this with an unmissable Berry Bliss smoothie bowl or a nice, hot Café Mocha, brewed to perfection.

With nourishing food for the soul and body both, Booked Café definitely had me under its spell, and I recommend it to every fellow reader!

Soothing sips
After a leisurely afternoon nap, I made my way to Omertá Kitchen & Bar. It has an interesting history behind its name. It was initially a term coined to signify the code of allegiance of mafia associations, and finally has now received its present-day meaning of representing the code of honour, humility and camaraderie. This trendy restaurant overlooking a pool is designed to put you at ease. Elements of serenity are everywhere, from the beautiful statue of the Buddha, to the lush greenery gently framing the pool to the tastefully appointed seating areas. The menu boasts an eclectic mix of European and Indian dishes. So, you can begin with a round of Jalapeno and Cheese Croquettes and move on to kebabs. A signature cocktails bar on the second floor of the restaurant perfectly complements the chic vibe. The meticulous attention given to each aspect of the hotel is designed to let each guest’s creative side flourish.

Whether you while hours away in its one-of-a-kind book café or spend all afternoon sipping cocktails by the pool, Ānamiva has something special for everyone.


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