Cosy Box Brings a Mediterranean, Italian, and Asian Fusion to Lower Parel!

Cosy Box, celebrated as the official food partner of the Cannes Film Festival, has recently graced Mumbai with its presence

Update: 2024-02-22 07:02 GMT

When it comes to opulent restaurants, quirky eateries and a plethora of food options to satiate any palate, there is no argument about the fact that Mumbai reigns supreme in the food scenario. And adding a new feather to its cap, the city has seen multiple restaurants open its doors to the crowds and its just the second month of 2024! After a successful debut in Delhi, Cosy Box, a 10,000 sqft culinary haven, nestled in Lodha World Tower in Lower Parel, promises an immersive dining experience. Contrary to expectations, the Mumbai outpost of Cosy Box does not mirror the French and European cuisine served at the Cannes Film Festival. Restaurateur Ashish Begwani, the visionary behind the new famed restaurant in Mumbai decided to focus on Mediterranean, Italian and Asian dishes predominantly.

Featuring an open layout that seamlessly integrates lively dining areas, a comfortable lounge and secluded private corners, Cosy Box Mumbai offers a dining experience that stands out. From high tables near the bar to secluded corners for larger groups and an exclusive 55-seater private dining room, the venue caters to various preferences. The design combines genuine Japanese influences with playful elements like wallpaper prints and textile patterns, encapsulating the brand's distinctive charm and glamour.

Chef Sedat, a Turkish cuisine maestro, leaves a lasting impression with his culinary creations such as Chicken Shish Tuk, Cottage Cheese Urfa, and Chicken Urfa kebabs. The menu doesn't stop there – it also features Asian favorites like dim sums and Italian delights such as the Chicken Chilly Pizza. However, the true showstopper of your dining experience will undoubtedly be the delightful Turkish offerings.

As daylight gives way to night, Cosy Box Mumbai awakens with its distinctive cocktails. Crafted by skilled mixologists, each sip offers a festive experience. From daytime refreshers like "Nobody Knows" to evening favourites such as "On Your Knees" and "Showstopper," the bar menu is a delightful journey through diverse flavors and inventive combinations.

What worked
The Turkish dishes at Cosy Box unleashed a burst of flavours, bringing the vibrant tastes of Turkey directly to the plate. The kebabs were expertly marinated, spiced to perfection, and grilled to mouthwatering excellence.

What didn’t work
While the ambiance and concept of Cosy Box are impressive, our dining experience was hindered by some service challenges. Due to the extensive scale of their establishment, it's reasonable to expect that they're still fine-tuning their service to meet the demands of Mumbai's bustling and lively clientele. However, as they gain more experience and familiarity with the local scene, they'll undoubtedly refine their operations to provide a seamless dining experience that complements their outstanding culinary creations.

Cosy Box Mumbai is a fantastic place to eat. The atmosphere is fancy, the menu has a mix of delicious dishes and the design of the place is pretty cool. Whether you're into Mediterranean, Italian, or Asian food, Cosy Box has something for everyone. The place looks great, and the food and drinks are top-notch, making it a great spot to enjoy a tasty meal.

Address: Cosy Box, One Lodha Place, Senapati Bapat Marg, near Lodha Towers, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Contact +91 9892039394 for reservations!


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