Hop into monsoon with kachori, kothimbir vadi and other regional snacks

These 5 monsoon-friendly tidbits deserve a humble spot on your snack stash

Update: 2022-06-12 07:30 GMT

Picture this: you've just snapped a cup of hot chai against a rainy backdrop and are wondering whether to post it on Instagram. But it feels like something is missing? A plate of piping hot, crunchy and bite-sized snacks, of course! It's the only true antidote to this gloomy weather and the perfect accompaniment to a lazy, romantic evening. And while the mind automatically veers towards pakora, when one thinks of monsoon-friendly foods, India has a vast range of undiscovered delicacies from all corners that celebrate the regional culinary heritage of the country. To give you a little taste, here are our top five regional picks this season.

Ethakka appam, Kerala

It's time to head to the kitchen and make these ethakka appam made with bananas, while it's pouring outside.

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Pyaaj ki kachori, Rajasthan

Kachoris are full of surprises and every bite you take is bursting with flavour. It has a melange of spices and a distinct flavour of onion. Pair it with ketchup or green chutney.

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Kothimbir vadi, Maharashtra

Piping hot kothimbir vadi and the pitter-patter of showers is indeed a good combination. Making them is a two-step process, but the result is an irresistible plate of vadis, which are soft on the inside and crispy outside.

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Aloo chop, West Bengal

This Bengali street food needs no introduction and the best part is that you can easily replicate it in your kitchen.It is made with potatoes, lots of fresh coriander and a variety of spices to add flavour. You can have this as it is or enjoy it with some muri aka puffed rice.

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Thukpa, Sikkim

Monsoons can seem incomplete without a bowl of hot soup. This year, swap those boring variants and try making the traditional northeastern thukpa instead.

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