Make dinner great again with our list of 5 recipes perfect for weeknights

Who said you can’t have your instant-pot, easy recipe and eat it too?

By :  IFN Desk
Update: 2022-10-13 04:30 GMT

Not sure if Mercury is in retrograde or it is just our luck, but come meal prep-time, and we seem to be pulled in all kinds of directions. From a colleague that needs to get things off their chest right away, to that long-lost friend who suddenly decided to pull us into a time warp on Instagram DM, distractions are galore through the week. And then, there is work itself, which has an uncanny ability to suck the energy out of you by the time you start making dinner. But if you're anything like us, a bad meal can put you in a serious funk, so good food is non-negotiable. Here are five recipes perfect for weeknights. Whoever said you can't have the apple and eat it too, needs to be cued to our YouTube channel.

Instant pot chicken curry rice

Nothing is more comforting at the end of a working day, like a warm bowl of familiar food. Try out our all-in-one and instant chicken curry rice that's meaty, satisfying and masaledar, too.

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Vangi bhaat

Vangi or brinjal is a little bit like the supporting actor in a grand biopic—absolutely integral, but not always the benefactor of our undivided attention. This week—after you shut that laptop—gather a plump brinjal, kolam (a rice cultivar popular in Maharashtra) and a few spices to put together this easy recipe.

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Chicken stew

From Ireland to Thrissur in Kerala, stews have managed to morph into multiple cultures across the globe and found its way on all kinds of dinner tables. Easy, unctuous and versatile, it's our top favourite quick recipe, and this one comes together more quickly than you can say, "In a stew."

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Leftover rice tava pulao

One recipe that utilises leftovers and also takes minimum time? We told you, we're champions at having the best of both worlds. Try this veggie-loaded pulao recipe on hump day (or any day of the week really). If you're feeling fancy, pair it with our shahi paneer recipe and put the phone on flight mode, while you enjoy it.

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Pressure-cooker kabuli chana biryani

This week, take the pressure off yourself and apply it on biryani instead. Our vegetarian pressure-cooker biryani, which comes packed with lentils, spices, and caramelised onions for that special sticky-sweetness, is the epitome of an easy recipe. Try it for yourself to see what we mean.

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Now that we've demonstrated that it's absolutely possible to treat yourself to satisfying dinners all through the week, head to our channel for more inspo and easy, peasy recipes.


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