Mumbai welcomes the acclaimed South Indian restaurant, Avartana, straight from Chennai

A martini glass filled with rasam and fennel seeds, transformed into a creamy panacotta, Avartana promises to redefine your expectations of a South Indian meal with its creative twists and presentations

Update: 2024-03-05 10:49 GMT

ITC Hotels debuts the third outpost of its innovative Southern Indian cuisine brand, Avartana, at ITC Maratha in Mumbai. Building on its triumphs at ITC Grand Chola in the south and ITC Royal Bengal in the east, Avartana's legacy expands to the western hub of Mumbai. Recognised at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023, Avartana brings its renowned culinary excellence to Mumbai's vibrant dining scene, offering an exciting culinary adventure for all who visit.

The degustation menus available here range from seven to 13 courses, and are titled Maya, Bela, Jiaa, Anika, and Tara. Except Tara, which showcases coastal presentations, all menus are offered in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We tried a specially curated menu named 'Kimaya,' borrowing culinary gems from each of the existing menus.

In the beautifully designed space of Avartana, the banana leaf motif immediately catches the eye. Avartana departs from traditional Indian restaurant decor, opting instead for pastels and tasteful accents like copper, brass, bamboo, and light wood. Avartana's dining experience includes carefully selected crockery and cutlery, featuring rustic earthenware, ornate steel utensils, and contemporary glassware.

In conversation, the executive chef, ITC Grand Chola and brand custodian Avartana, Nikhil Nagpal, spoke of the techniques used at the restaurant from the delicate use of coconut to the inventive inclusion of drumstick pearls in dumplings and the innovative curry leaves tempura, each dish embodied a philosophy that balances tradition with innovation he said.

What we tried
First, we tried a new take on the classic tomato rasam. It combines black pepper, cumin, and fresh cherry tomatoes, brewed in a French press and served in a martini glass. It was a tasty start to the meal. Next was the stir-fried chicken, juicy and tossed in Guntur chilli. Then there was the shrimp and coriander dumpling, made with shrimp, garlic, and shallots, steamed perfectly and served with a sweet chilli coriander jam. The meal ended with fennel panna cotta in an angel hair caramel nest—a fancy dessert shaped like an egg.

What worked
Several aspects of the food at Avartana stood out and were particularly enjoyable, the Asparagus and Coconut Stew and the Uthukuli Chicken with Malabar parotta and Butter Toffee showcased innovative twists on traditional recipes, adding depth and complexity to familiar flavors. The dishes offered a harmonious balance of flavors, with each element complementing the others without overpowering the palate. This balance allowed us to appreciate the nuances of each ingredient fully. The use of high-quality ingredients was evident in every dish, contributing to the overall excellence of the dining experience. And finally the Fennel Pannacotta nestled in an angel hair caramel nest, was not only visually stunning but also innovative and delicious, providing a memorable conclusion to the meal.

At Avartana, Chef Nagpal serves beautiful food with just the right amount of drama, letting the flavors be the star. The food and experience at Avartana were exceptional. Each dish was meticulously crafted. From the lip-smacking Asparagus and Coconut Stew to the delightful Uthukuli Chicken with Malabar Parotta and Butter Toffee, every bite was a culinary delight. Overall, Avartana provides a dining experience that is both memorable and satisfying, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts. So, it's time to book your next dinner at Avartana and taste the difference for yourself!

Address: Ashok Nagar, near Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport Road, Sahar Village, Andheri East, Mumbai
Contact 022-2830-3030 for reservations!


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