Renowned interior designer Shabnam Gupta invites you to Peacock Life Living, a beautiful homestay in Karjat

Discover a sanctuary of serenity and style at Peacock Life Living, an exquisite retreat just a short drive from Mumbai

Update: 2024-04-19 08:26 GMT

My stay at Peacock Life Living was nothing short of enchanting—a tranquil escape nestled amidst the verdant valleys of Karjat, just a stone's throw away from the bustling streets of Mumbai. Designed by the visionary Shabnam Gupta, this picturesque retreat beckoned me with promises of slow living amidst the serene embrace of nature.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the sprawling expanse of lush greenery, where three themed cottages stood as a testament to Shabnam's impeccable craftsmanship and design finesse. As I stepped into my cottage, a sense of peace washed over me—the embodiment of Shabnam's concept of "veranda living." The interiors exuded understated luxury, with every detail meticulously curated to create a harmonious blend of textures and hues.

Throughout my stay, I found myself enchanted by the subtle touches of nature that permeated every corner of Peacock Life Living. From the vibrant blooms of Bougainvillaea trees to the whimsical hand-painted murals depicting the local flora and fauna, each element served as a reminder of the beauty that surrounded me.

In the Moon Room, I found solace amidst soft pink tones and rustic furnishings, while the aroma of locally prepared Maharashtrian thali by Shaku Tai filled the air. I knew it was the culinary delight that was awaiting me, particularly the locally-inspired Maharashtrian thali and the fiery thecha dip. Shaku Tai, the talented local cook, was preparing a traditional Maharashtrian thali. Each dish bore the hallmark of Shaku Tai's expertise, showcasing the rich flavours and vibrant colours of Maharashtra's culinary heritage.

But it was the thecha dip that truly stole the show—an explosion of heat and flavour that left me craving more. Made from fresh green chillies and garlic, pounded together into a fiery paste. The thecha dip added a bold punch to every dish it accompanied.

As I dined amidst the picturesque landscape, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to immerse myself in such tranquillity.

Peacock Life Living became more than just a retreat—it was a sanctuary for the soul, where I found respite from the chaos of daily life and reconnected with the beauty of the natural world. As I bid farewell to this idyllic haven, I carried with me memories of moments spent in harmony with nature and the timeless elegance of Shabnam Gupta's visionary design.

Address: Peacock Life, Karjat Road, Next to N D Studios, Off Chowk Village, Hatnoli, Maharashtra
Contact 8097645700 or mail at for more information!


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