Summer up with these mango desserts available at restaurants across India

Here’s a bonafide list of places that serve the best mango desserts

Update: 2022-04-13 04:30 GMT

Summer is officially here and that means it's time to celebrate the king of fruits, mango, which is honestly speaking, the only thing worth looking forward to this season. And with the internet rife with ways to use mangoes in drinks and dishes, we bring to you a list of the best desserts being served at restaurants and cafes across the country that will make you want to binge and then later pack it as take away because you just cannot get enough.

Scroll further down to know about the closest place to you serving bomb mango desserts.


Cafe Duco, Bandra

All mango lovers, if you find yourself at Cafe Duco enjoying their Mexican food, do not forget to end your meal with their mango tres leches. Fresh and juicy mangoes with the sweet goodness of whipped cream, this one's definitely a dessert you will miss the moment you finish it.
Price: Rs. 325/-

Bastian, Bandra & Worli

Bastian serves an amazing mango dessert that goes by the name mango pull me cake. In your plate, you will find vanilla sponge cake topped with mango frosting and a mango glaze with fresh pieces of alphonso mangoes. It's the kind of dessert that will make you want to skip the main course for two portions of the mango pull me cake.
Price: Rs. 1200/-


Cafe Lota, Pragati Maidan

While these cakes, mousses and sorbets may come and go, Cafe Lota has an interesting way to serve you the season's best mangoes. Their dish, aam ke golgappe, is a crunchy semolina crust filled with mango mousse, topped with pieces of mango and mint. While the idea may sound bizarre, these gol gappas will definitely win your heart.
Price: Rs. 235/-

Bhawan, Greater Kailash

Nothing beats a bowl aamras after a good meal and nothing compares (or will ever compare) to Bhawan's bowl full of unadulterated aamras. Rich and sweet, chilled to the perfect temperature to beat the scorching heat their aamras is the best way to end your meal on a sweet and royal note.
Price: Rs. 495/-


Little Pleasures, Loudon Street Area

There is nothing like a dessert that is filled with mango that you can enjoy on a summer noon. Such is the mango tart from Little Pleasures. Decorated with cut up fruit, the sight of the bright yellow colour is all that you need to stay happy. Don't feel bad if the dessert is over, you can always take another portion, I know I would do that.
Price: Rs. 295/-

JW Bakery, JW Mariott Hotel, Science City Area

Light, delicate and airy macarons, with a slightly crunchy exterior while chewy inside, all the while just bursting with mango flavour. Head to JW Bakery to try out their awesome mango macarons and let us know what you think about them.
Price: Rs. 400/-



Misu, St. Marks Road

For the day's you choose to opt for Asian, from appetiser to dessert, make sure you visit Misu and end your full- course meal with their Thai dessert, sticky rice with mango. We assure you after gobbling the dessert you will want another portion, because it's just that good.
Price: Rs. 410/-

The Dessert Zone, Indiranagar

Imagine this: a jar stuffed with moist cake, immersed in the goodness of cream and garnished with cut up pieces of juicy mangoes. If you imagined it and are now craving it, The Dessert Zone is the place to be.
Price: Rs. 169/-

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The Blue Plate, Karve Nagar

With the arrival of summer, The Blue Plate now has the mango devil available on its menu. And do we even need to tell you more about a dessert synonymous to temptation? A tall jar filled to the brim with thick, creamy mango milkshake, and then a little hill of mangoes as garnish., It is the ultimate mango dessert.
Price: Rs. 220/-

7th Heaven Cake Shop, Kothrud & Viman Nagar

A cup that holds a creamy mango, delight topped with mango syrup. And once you finish that, you can just eat the mango flavoured cup it came in too. If that's what you fancy, remember to visit 7th Heaven Cake Shop.
Price: Rs. 55/-

So which one is going to be your choice for dessert tonight?

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