Transport yourself to Mexico at Mumbai’s newest culinary hotspot, Mezcalita

Decked up with colourful interiors and mouth-watering Mexican flavours to match, Mezcalita needs to be on your must-visit list

Update: 2023-04-18 09:03 GMT

Walk through the lime green doors at South Mumbai’s newest opening, Mezcalita and you’ll find yourself immediately transported to a lively Mexican food scenario at this carefree Cantina & Tequila Bar that aims to bring the spirit of a Latin-American street party to the city.

First impressions
Take a seat at Mezcalita and you’d immediately agree that the lively restaurant has a contagious energetic vibe. With décor and highlights sourced from the streets of Mexico—think vibrant walls splashed with edgy graffiti & Spanish signs, quirky artworks, brightly coloured wicker chairs, Aztec-print table tops and foot-tapping Spanish music, this new hotspot sets the tone for a fiesta, not just for the weekends but for all days of the week.

Our top picks
The Mexican menu highlights daring dishes under Las Entradas (roughly translated to starters) that offer quesadillas, tacos and panuchos to alambres and big plates. The usual suspects like guacamole, nachos, salads and ceviche's sport the robust and authentic flavours of Mexico, ensuring that you definitely won't leave the place disappointed.

We can’t recommend the Nachos Con Carne enough. Surely and easily a crowd favourite, here the nachos are served on the side with fiery-Mexican style beans and a serving of piquant meat. Another must-try is their DIY alambre where a choice of meat is served on a bed of veggies and comes with a slew of spicy condiments, sour cream and warm tortillas.

All things drinks Mexican
What’s a Mexican feast without some tequila? Sample some authentic Mexican drinks like the Cha-Chinga, a classic tequila, lime, agave paired with charred cucumber, jalapenõ, coriander and bird’s eye chili. For refreshing, fruity flavours we recommend the Oaxaca to Osaka, made with tequila, sparkling sake, fresh orange juice, vanilla, passionfruit. Lastly, drown your day’s stress in a La Pomela Mezcal, which is absolutely unmissable and is served with pomelo soda, sweet lime, grapefruit, campari salt. From frozen margaritas to fiery mezcals and even signature cocktails, you’ll find Mezcalita’s drinks menu to be bursting with some exquisite options.

A party where everyone is welcome
From our folks thriving on fast-food to the health-conscious, each one of you is invited to the fiesta at Mezcalita. The cantina has a dedicated Mexi-conscious menu that is packed with healthy-meal bowls, gluten-free and vegan options that taste just as good as their regular counterparts. Avocado aficionados, shouldn’t miss their Portobello Avo Burger which comes with whole slices of avocado (used instead of burger buns) with a portobello mushroom patty topped with diced mushroom in truffle flavours, grated cheese and an adobo vinaigrette.

The perfect farewell
If there’s one dish we’d keep going back for, it would have to be the Tres Leches De Cereza, a three-milk cake with cherries. You could also sample the Frozen Berry Soup that comes accompanied with a fresh strawberry sorbet, a perfect pick to beat the sweltering summer heat.

If you ask me, visiting Mezcalita is like a little trip around everything that makes Mexico, without leaving the city.

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