With the world and all its bizarre news, IFN manages to fit right in with delicious recipes for each moment

Update: 2022-11-06 04:30 GMT

Between Elon Musk finally owning Twitter and Harry Styles' weird Squidward moment in his new music video 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant', it's safe to say a lot has transpired on the internet, ranging from the normal content to the downright 'I don't know how to process this'. While the bizarre keeps happening in the world, there is nothing you can do but witness (and be entertained) as it happens. So while scrolling your feed to stay up to date, may I suggest you do so with a plate full of snacks by your side? For instance this cutlet-style masala fries is sure to be your go-to snack time buddy once you give it a whirl, or else you could try this perfect recipe for dahi ke sholay, should you want a snack fitting for tea time.

1st November every year is celebrated as World Vegan Day. And this time we tried this fun vegan dal makhani fondue with some soft garlic naan skewers. I urge you to try it too, if you haven't already. Should this spark a new found appreciation for vegan food in you, here you will find some more fun recipes to try out. And for the rest of you, the back kitchen at IFN also tried this flavoursome pindi chana tacos and lehsuni chur chur roti. They may not be vegan, but they sure are delicious. That is an IFN promise.

A new month always promises new tidings. IFN's sister brand Start2Bake has curated a line of fascinating workshops and baking classes for all those who wish to improve their baking skills. And with some of these classes teaching one how to make decadent Christmas sweets, ranging from chocolate desserts to the OG plum cake, these classes are sure to pique your interest into the world of baking. Take a look here for all the classes that they have to offer and sign up for the ones that you like.

And just like that, these are all the updates that I had, to share with you (for now, that is). With the month just beginning, be sure to stay tuned for more news, recipes and the crazy happenings in the world. Who knows what more we'd be lucky to witness, as the year gradually comes to an end?


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