10 Superstitions Indians Have About Food

Update: 2018-04-13 09:27 GMT

It’s amazing how many superstitions in India have survived the onslaught of logic, science and education. And if you think you don’t believe in any, you might be in for a revelation. Take a look at these 10 common food superstitions and tell us you haven’t practised at least one of them!

Don’t borrow milk after dark. Spilling milk is a bad omen.

Hmmm, nice way for the misers to get away from lending their precious milk we think! And spilling means cleaning up so sure, it could be a bad omen.

Look at a fish before beginning a new project or journey for good luck (specific to East India).

And maybe take a bite of it too? Good excuse to have some more of that delish machher jhol we say.

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Hang tied lemons and chillies to avert the evil eye.

If we lived our lives worrying about envious frenemies and strangers all the time, we’d probably never accomplish anything at all! Why not use that lemon for a good lemonade instead?

Spilling salt is bad luck. Keep salt in strategic corners of the house to absorb negativity.

Voila, you have the solution to saving a bad marriage or plants that simply won’t flourish despite regular watering. And what did we say about spilling things before?

Eat some curd and sugar before embarking on a trip, giving an exam or interview or basically doing anything important.

If you eat a good amount, it’s probably going to be a high-energy snack that will help you perform well. But having just a wee bit makes no sense!

It is inauspicious to carry oil and pickles on long voyages.

That’s going to be a problem. Because any self-respecting Indian moving abroad (or even going for a longish sabbatical) would definitely pack their favourite kairi and nimbu pickles. Or is that our ancestors’ way of telling us to eat local?

Ghee, when kept burning in lamps, helps ward off negativity.

Why not eat it instead? It’ll help ward off a lot more than negativity – heart ailments, skin dryness and weight gain for instance.

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Move chillies around a person to remove ‘nazar’ from them.

We’ll give you a better idea – triple the amount of chillies a recipe calls for and then feed it to the person who’s making your life hell.

Keep turmeric in little potlis around the house to – you guessed it right – ward off the evil eye.

Honestly, we’re getting so tired of the words ‘evil eye’. But you know what? Turmeric might be a natural insect repellent so that’s a good reason to sprinkle it around the house!

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Having basil (tulsi) during eclipses will keep you safe.

Basil is definitely healthy so we see nothing wrong with this one. And the Italian variety, when ground with salt, olive oil and garlic, makes a mean pesto as well!


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