School tiffin ideas, best ways to cook potatoes and beating the heat with coolers

School tiffin ideas, best ways to cook potatoes and beating the heat with coolers

As a food writer, I honestly get more excited about spotting mangoes at the local market, than about celebrity sightings at Bastain. And if you're like me, you'll want to take a look at this list of 30 recipes that champion the golden girl this summer.

Schools are back on and we thought it was a good idea to create a YouTube playlist of smart lunchbox ideas. Our list also doubles up as a huge repository of 100+ recipes spanning across healthy, fun, complex and satisfying and sneaky ways to incorporate all the goodness in your child's tiffin.

For grown ups going back to work, our Malabari butter garlic prawn wrap recipe is a true keeper. As is the leftover noodle recipe, which is dabba and pocket friendly.

As we enter summer, we'd like you to keep it cool. For that, keep our list of buttermilk drinks and mint recipes handy and make them on loop.

For weekends, you can find tons of inspo in our three-ways peanut butter video, where in under two minutes you can learn to incorporate the nutty spread into everything from sweet potato to mushroom and chicken skewers.

What's also really hot this week is a new episode of Word of Mouth, where our Food Editor Suman Quazi put to test the hottest thing on the market—chilli oil. The condiment has been a raging Internet favourite, and its versatility seems to be the key. So, Quazi pushed the envelope and tried it with both usual suspects and absurd things, like ice cream. Anything more I say will be a spoiler, so watch the video and see it for yourself.

Come summer, winter, spring or rain, the one thing that doesn't go out of style is potato. Call us desi or whatever, but once you get a peek inside this enormous collection of 30 potato dishes, you'll want to be on our team. Unless, you already are…

Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved


Sonal Ved is the editor at IFN. She is also an author of an award-winning cookbook called Tiffin. She travelled through the first five tastes to be able to tell between a brie and provolone dolce. She can make stellar undhiyu and a green smoothie.

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