Spring is here and it smells of mangoes and fresh flowers


Bid winter produce goodbye and make room for fresh spring staples on your dining table as we welcome the season of Spring. And that it's here is evident everywhere – in the flowers blooming on the trees that dot our streets, Balenciaga's new collection and of course, the kinds of food I have been craving these days. Warm soups and hot cuppas will have to make way for fresh, simply cooked meals.

A change of seasons also means that our body will have to realign to it. We roped in nutritionist and author Nandita Iyer. In her latest book, Everyday Superfoods, Iyer sheds light on superfoods that can be found easily in the Indian kitchen. Think amla, black pepper and garlic. Plus, she gives us the full lowdown on keeping our immunity up, while eating mindfully.

This week, helping me in my entertaining game is a piece by Digital Writer Reva Goyal. It tells you where to buy the best ceramics from. Check it out for tips on how to distinguish between a ceramic glaze and a lead-free one, which one is right to dish out an acai bowl, an Indian curry or a breakfast dosa.

We will also make you fall in love (as if anyone ever needs that) with mangoes. Our compilation piece by our Writer Manal Doshi is one to bookmark and keep this whole season. While eating cold chunks in a bowl full of granola and nut milk is my favourite way to eat the fruit, Doshi's recommendations on 30 ways to transform this golden blob into curries, salads, drinks, chutneys and desserts will give you enough ideas for this season (and the next).

Besides, a long read that must be scrolled through is Digital Marketing Specialist Tarvene Shahpuri's piece on sobriety. In her piece, Shahpuri explains why Gen- Z is moving away from the belief that a drinking plan is the only 'cool' one on a Saturday night. She speaks to Dr Nahid Dave from Thought Matters, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist to understand this trend better. And also, with Aneesh Bhasin of premium tonic brand Svami, who helps understand why the coolest kid on your block might opt for their alcohol-free Rum & Cola instead of the inebriating one.

Our videos this month keep up with the spring mood and nudge you to choose between healthy smoothies three ways, chilled soups and more. Both equally delicious and refreshing, I'm wondering what my weekend project should be. Perhaps I'll add on these spring rolls on my table. You know how I love a good pun.

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Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved


Sonal Ved is the editor at IFN. She is also an author of an award-winning cookbook called Tiffin. She travelled through the first five tastes to be able to tell between a brie and provolone dolce. She can make stellar undhiyu and a green smoothie.

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