5 Food Trends In 2020 That Are Worth Watching Out For

5 Food Trends In 2020 That Are Worth Watching Out For

From turmeric latte to avocado toasts that took Instagram by storm in 2019, it was indeed an eventful year for food trends to come & sway their magic on us & don't even get us started about how! While Vegan & Paleo diets were undeniably some of the interesting asks at restaurants, it has been an exciting year with innovative approaches taken on both, exotic and fusion cuisines. So, what are we expecting in 2020? Will we see the reemergence of unforgettable eccentrics from the past or something entirely outlandish that will define the culinary space for the coming decade? Here are some food trends that we love for the upcoming year:

1. Food Trends: Alternative Flours

In 2019 we saw a rise in traditional Indian flours like amaranth, Nachni, Millet & Jowar flours because of their low glycemic index and additional nutritional benefits. Cut to 2020 & we’re going to be indulging in more flours, but this time only from fruits like bananas & green jackfruits; nut-based flours like almond, cashew & hazelnut are also going to be a rage! Now, wouldn’t dishes made with these ingredients be interesting to see on our favourite cafes & restaurants menus? It sure would.

2. Food Trends: No-Sugar (This Time IRL)

This trend we've been trying to adopt for a few years now but did we really stick to it in anyway or simply found a way around it with substitutes like stevia, maple syrup, honey etc? Although, jaggery has always been a substitute for anything sweet for us, this time around, sugars are likely to come from naturally grown fruits like monk fruit, pomegranate, coconut and dates, substituting sugar syrups with fruit-based syrups which only means that a healthier 2020 is in order. Also expect to see fondness towards syrups made from starches like sorghum and sweet potato.

Pomegranate- syrup

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3. Food Trends: Organic Food

Eating organically grown produce has been the mantra of 2019 which we’ll be taking it into 2020 too. And this year, it’ll be about taking it a step forward with not only organic fruit & vegetables but also embarking on a journey of organic lifestyle by substituting regular cereals, pulses & grains with organic ones. In order to maintain the integrity & wholesomeness of a dish, whole grains like millets, quinoa & barley are more likely to surface in salads as well as gourmet-cooked meals. While organic produce can be sought from local farmers, growing your own little herb or vegetable garden is one of the biggest predicted trend of 2020.

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4. Food Trends: Clean Snacking

Snacking has always been synonymous with something fried that you can munch on when you’re hungry between meals. But most of it is really not healthy at all, we all know that. The trend that'll flourish in 2020 is popularly called, Out-of-the-Box, Into-the-Fridge Snacking. This trend will see a lot of snacks being made in advance for the kids to not sought after junk food. Wholesome snacks like hard-boiled eggs with savoury toppings, pickled vegetables & drinkable soups will pave way for mothers & children to decide their go-to snacks together, well in advance, to be able to stock it up for the week.

5. Food Trends: Veganism

Now you might say, isn’t that obvious with the storm it created last year? No, because veganism will just not be restricted to savoury dishes only but will see an expansion in the dessert menus too that will highlight vegan desserts as the strongest sweet-tooth trend for 2020. Think lemon tarts made with cashews, coconut, and lemon zest or vegan chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. Now who would’ve thunk it, right?

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