Things Off The Shelf During Lockdown: What Toilet Paper Is To The West, Maggi Is To India

Things Off The Shelf During Lockdown: What Toilet Paper Is To The West, Maggi Is To India

Have you made a trip to the grocery store or supermarket recently? Then, you'd know that there's nothing more popular than Maggi! It has been our all-time favourite snack & that has been proved yet again during this lockdown period too. On my first trip to the grocery store, I picked up 3 packets of Maggi and thought it would be enough. And obviously, I did not want to panic buy and stock up, leaving nothing for others. But to my surprise, this week there was absolutely no Maggi on the shelves!

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The classic Maggi is definitely out of stock but along with that the Atta Noodles, Oats Maggi & Chicken flavoured Maggi is also out of stock. All I could find was a lot of Ching's noodles on the shelves that nobody was touching. That begs yet another question, are we refraining from eating Chinese ingredients & products?

Coming back to the topic at hand, I called up a lot of my friends and narrated the same story & they told me that it's the same at their nearby grocery stores too. Maggi has never failed us; whether you're staying alone or with family, Maggi has somehow been our companion through thick & thin. At odd hours, if you're hungry, a packet of Maggi can not only satisfy your hunger pangs but could also bring a smile on your face. I know a lot of people who're reading this might talk about how unhealthy Maggi is. But my one & only argument to them would be, eat whatever makes you happy! And, if Maggi is one of them, so be it.


Along with Maggi, I've also spotted a trend on Facebook & Instagram about making your own homemade bread. Now, what has this led to? A Maida-pause! Another important ingredient off the shelf happens to be Maida. Yes! baking is therapeutic & bread is indeed really close to our hearts, therefore making it at home is wise. I have no complains there. Bake away, people! From Ladi Pavs to Foccacia bread & multi-grain loaves, I've scoured the internet to find India's love for bread, only getting fonder.

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Another ingredient that is out of stock in most supermarkets in Mumbai is Rava! A staple in so many households, Rava is a multi-utility ingredient used to make various recipes. Although, it going off the shelf was not something I anticipated, it is what it is. From breakfast to dessert, you can whip up a storm in your kitchens during this lockdown period.

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However, the most consistent & on popular demand product is Maggi, eternally loved by so many of us (that most of us think we could become brand ambassadors!) May you find it on the shelves when you go grocery shopping next.

Havig said that, we advise you to keep your shopping trips once a week, to minimize your exposure to the virus because we care.

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